One Fine Day – Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue)

Jung Yong Hwa is back. For those who don’t remember, Jung Yong Hwa, the leader of CN Blue, promised a solo album. He pre-released his first song, Mileage, a few weeks before, and has officially released the whole album, with One Fine Day being the title track. I need to address something however. Companies really need to get some word out regarding the status of some singles. One song is released first, and then they turn around and say it was a pre-release. This really ticks me off. (Yes, I know I haven’t reviewed Jonghyun’s other title track and I don’t plan to, because I did not read anywhere that there was dual title track thing going on). End of rant. Proceeding with review.

Once again, it was an okay song. I am still hoping for a rock themed song as I have said in my Mileage review. But oh well. This song lacked appeal to me. I can’t really say it had no colour since the song and the music video was built up with that idea of having no colour. It is a very slow ballad. I like ballads, but when they seem to be dragged out most of the time (like this song), it feels boring and bland. The chorus is quite nice, instead of building up the song, it kind of plateaued off. Though if you want me to say a good word about the song, I liked the piano instrumental in the background. The start really does not show off Yonghwa’s vocals, but at the end does. Overall, I like the ending of the song more than the start. That is a first for me, I guess.

The music video, as I said before, was built around the lack of colour. During scenes when Yonghwa is with the girl, there was a range of colours. But when he was alone, such as his close ups, there is definitely a lack of colour. Overall, I feel that the lack of colour contributed to the overall feel of the song and it made the music video more symbolic. In the video we see Yonghwa meet with a girl and start dating. However, the couples drift a part which leads to a sad video. In the end, they meet up again, but with another person they love. Just both can’t seem to forget each other. Yonghwa’s club scenes were a little creepy at the start. He looked like some creepy person smiling across the dance floor that would make you uncomfortable.

Overall, this debut was lacking in some parts. But it made fans think he was dreamy and romantic. Well, that is what I think he did to the fans. 4.6/10

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