You – G.Soul

Now, we move to a newly debut artist. G.Soul made his official debut mid January 2015. An interesting fact, it is likely that is the longest trainee ever in the Korean music industry. To do the maths for you, he has been training in New York and South Korea for 15 years. That means he started in 2000 and have been deemed as a trainee for a very long time. Though, according to an interview, he decided to stay in New York for a longer amount of time than intended. That being said, G.Soul is the newest Korean male solo act from JYP.

This song is freaking amazing. Like, I liked every single detail regarding this song. Nothing disappointed me. I was so amazed that a song like this exists. G.Soul can sing and does a hella good job during the chorus. Though high notes really draw out the emotion behind the song. I really cannot find proper words to describe it. His rapsy voice at the start really complimented the style of the song. The lyrics are really romantic, saying things along the lines of “You are the only one for me” etc. Even though the last chorus does not sound that much different to the rest of the song, you can imagine fireworks coming out for the last chorus. I also have to applaud the backup vocals. They sound really nice and complimented G.Soul’s voice. This song is just so praise worthy.

To be honest with you, I have yet to watch the music video. That being said, I just watched the music video and wow. It is very dark, but I guess that is what really complimented his voice. Many may think that this music video may have been shot with a very low budget, as there is nothing going on. But I have to say. This music video is really amazing to watch. Even though it is just him and close up of him singing, this music video really brings out the meaning of the song. As the song proceeds, the lights get brighter or actually get turned on, opposed from the darkness at the start. But when I mentioned the fireworks before the last chorus, the music video features the brightest light turning on. Purely amazing. I also like the camera work. Luckily, it was going slowly. Any faster, and I probably throwing up.

A perfect debut song. Something that really has me interested for his future releases. G.Soul, those 15 years, have been worthwhile. Let’s hope that JYP can promote you and get you up there as being on the biggest artists ever. 10/10

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