Wild Flower – Park Hyo Shin

Just weeks ago, I reviewed Park Hyo Shin’s Happy Together. I did mention that Park Hyo Shin did release another single, much earlier in the year, titled as Wild Flower, which was hugely successful. That being said, I could not miss the chance to review it. Given the low amount of comebacks that I could review at the moment, I have decided to go back in time and review past songs. Wild Flower was released on March 28th and later went on to top all charts in Korea. Given that Park Hyo Shin is known as the ballad prince in South Korea, that is not surprising. From what I have read, this song and Happy Together are songs off the singer’s 7th album. But we have no word on that album yet, so we shall wait.

This song has an amazing orchestral instrumental. It just blows my mind. The piano and orchestra just did such a great job. I wouldn’t have a problem with it just on its own. The singer’s husky voice was pure bliss and sounded so heavenly sounding that it just gets makes my mouse go back to the replay button. I just love his voice has so much impact but at the same time is so soft to listen to. The way he eases into notes are amazing. As for the song, I just love how his voice and the instrumental (ever so slightly) builds up to the end. His high note at the end. Don’t even get me started on that. I just can’t really say much about this song but praise it so much.

The music video was really nice. Though it was just him and close-ups of him singing, it was nice to watch. Yes, it got a little boring after a while, but still it is a beautifully shot video. The scenery is just empty and matches the emotions of the song. Not sure about those “behind the scene” shots at the start, but I am not going to complain about them. They gave the music video some eeriness to it which made the video seemed mysterious in a way.

I was watching a fan cam of his performance of this song at his recent concert. Those tears, I don’t know what they are for, but it is amazing. Despite him being able to not to sing due to him crying, he managed to push through and finish the song. Especially how the fans were supporting him while he was crying.

Do I have to say anything else? This by far, is the most perfect comeback that I ever scene. 10/10

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