I’m Bad – NU’EST

NU’EST is back with a special single, I’m Bad. This single is not going to be promoted from what I see cause it has been two weeks since it was released and nothing as been seen from the band. The song itself only features 4 members. Baekho, who we don’t get to hear in this song (but did sing in the ballad released with this song), is recovering from surgery from vocal cords surgery from late last year.  Pity we don’t get to hear his voice cause he has a pretty good voice.

Nevertheless, his band members make up for this lack of singing in the song. Honestly, I did not know that Baekho did not feature in this track until I researched some background on this song. His members either sound so good that Baekho is overshadowed (which I don’t think the case is) or that the members pretty much make up for Baekho’s disappearance. The rapping was pretty good and so were the vocals. It was catchy and would be something that I would play in the background to just listen to. It is not a memorable track but since NU’EST does not put out much songs, I think this digital single would be greatly appreciated by fans and also casual listeners. Their last song was so good yet no recognition for their talents. This song is like the continuation for that standard. The RnB track sounds pretty good, especially how this song at the start sounds a lot like the cafe style music I would hear from time to time.

As for the music video, it was meh. There was nothing that great about the music video. The girl in the music video was dancing a ballet type of choreography which surprisingly fitted the song entirely. Beside that the music video showed solo shots of the members being sad. Well, they were more like posing in front of the camera for most of the time. I agree with some people. I think a plot that involves a break up would have been perfect for this song. Maybe not too dramatic, but still something that will give an reason for the boys to be sad and depresso during the whole music video.

Welcome back to short reviews. The song was seen as ideal. The music video could have a bit better. 6/10

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