Hi~ – Lovelyz

Lovelyz is back with a repackaged album. Their debut single was deemed as a very successful debut. To me, it lacked quite a bit, but it still did the job as it got them settled in the industry and garnered a lot of eyes on them. Hence, they are back with the repackaged version of their debut album titled as “Hi~”. This time around they are promoting as a 7 member group, with member Jisoo still taking time off from the scandal which shocked Korea back when they debuted.

I have a feeling that whatever I write here will not be what I want to say in my review within a couple of weeks. Candy Jelly Love is a weird track for me (especially the title) but I recently only started to get into the song and have been listening to it in repeat. It still has the cute sound to it that Candy Jelly Love and this song does sound a little catchy with the high note parts just prior to the chorus. The chorus, when they sing, together sounds pretty catchy and pretty good as well. I would love to hear an acoustic version of this song, but honestly, not entirely sure about their vocal talents. Their last two songs sounds like they are really holding back and some of the members don’t really have a strong vocal to show off at this moment (but they can improve). The song sounds sweet and very pretty overall. Just at the moment, I see the song as quite boring and bland. But give me a few more weeks, cause I see the potential for the song getting stuck in my mind and at the same time, this group has a very big future in the industry.

Music video was okay. Haven’t watched it in detailed yet, but I have skimmed over it a few times in the past week since it was released. This is another music video with close up of the members singing and the group members were dancing. There were some scenes in the music video where the girls were acting cute but still maintaining that mature kind of feel. There is no plot and I guess this repackaged album was just like a sudden option that the company chose to do. I noticed that the music video was not as bright as their previous video. Maybe because the song has this hint of disappointment and sadness for some reason and they chosen a more darker kind of feel for the music video. I love the bubbles in the music video with the slow motion. That was a nice part of the video.

As for the dance, not much to say about it. The moves are meant to be cute and girls could handle it. I don’t think there is much of s stand out part of the dance. That is okay as the dance fitted the song and the girl’s vocals as well. But really, there is not much to say about the dance. I did like their “Yeah”~jump though.

Song was okay overall, but definitely  has potential to grow on me. Music video and dance were both okay. 5.5/10

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