I’m Okay – Eric Nam

Eric Nam is back on the stage once again with a brand new song. It has been a while since Ooh Ooh last year. Since this last promotions, he released a Christmas/Winter sing for his fans as a preview of what was coming up for the artist himself. He has been singing quite upbeat songs in this past promotions so this is the first ballad that Eric Nam has promoted on stage. Lastly, I think the company has started to promote him more in the past year by letting him feature in shows such as We Got Married etc. About time, because Eric Nam has a freaking great voice.

Even though Eric Nam did do a ballad this time and also has a voice that fits into ballads, I really wanted more of a upbeat ballad style song like his debut single: Heaven’s Door. Honestly, this seemed very boring. This ballad did not captivate me like other ballads. His vocals are good, but they don’t seem to poor the emotions that the song needed to be amazing. Beside that, I don’t have much to say about this song.

2 things I hated in this video: a) people’s odd obsession with showing ankles when wearing pants. Like seriously, it looks like you are wearing really short pants and don’t have enough money to buy new pants. Maybe because my ankles are bony so I get jealous, but seriously, it makes the pants look short on you. b) Sorry Eric Nam, but those shiny black shoes with the buckles don’t look that great. Actually, they don’t seem to fit in with the video. I don’t know they decided to shoot his shoes/feet when he started to walk. I really like the idea of the video. How he walks in some kind of memory art gallery and see all these pretty memories of him and this girl. Also loved the “empty picture frame plus chair” set. It looked quite stylish. The black and white filter also added that final stylish touch to it.

Sorry about how short this review is. I have lots to do and lots of reviews to put out. But overall, it was an okay comeback. Though I want something more upbeat to fit with his personality. 6.5/10

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