Bounce – Boyfriend

It seems like Starship now knows what is going on for Boyfriend. And now, just a couple of months after Witch, they are back with Bounce. Yes, Bounce. There are a lot of songs names with Bounce in the KPOP industry. Like how each year “I Love You” and “Lonely” pop up. I guess we can add “Bounce” to that list. Hahahahaha… Anyway, nothing has been happening for the boys since Witch. Well, Witch won the boys their first weekly music award on SBS MTV Show, which is quite a milestone for the boys since it has been like 3 years and a bit since their debut. Maybe they will win this time around as well?

The first time I heard the song I thought I clicked on the wrong song. The start of Bounce reminds me so much of Witch for some reason. I am really torn about this song. It is not that bad, but it isn’t that great. I liked the chorus especially that “Bounce more” voice we hear. Probably catchiest part. But the boys seem to be lacking this time around. I guess this time they are more focused on the dance than the song itself. The vocals and rapping have improved. Not entirely sure of the bridge. Vocally, it is out of place. I honestly don’t like random pauses in the middle of the songs and usually, you need to pick the beat up straight away. The instrumental was pretty good. Just minus the pause.

The music video went for an Alice in Wonderland concept which honestly looked quite cool. It seems like Boyfriend is going for more of that fantasy kind of concepts. Each character (from commentators on YouTube) have been played by the members which is honestly pretty cool. Just to me, they all look like Korean dudes wearing ridiculously costumes. When the twins are just staring around and painting that white object kind of gave me chills. From what I understand, the girl (who I assume is Alice) have all wooed the boys and the dudes all remember her fondly (as per the flashbacks). When she reappears, the boys are surprised and runs to her, only to have her disappeared once again. Then they drop down the hole. Wait, I think a scene (or a couple) are missing. I liked the set. It made it look mysterious and fitted the dark style the boys were going for.

The dance was pretty cool as well. There was a lot of sexual bouncing. In terms of crotch grabbing. But the chorus was pretty good. I like how the boys are running around on stage to get to their next spot and they make it seem pretty cool. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed. This dance did not top Witch which was midly disappointing but it did do its job.

Oh I nearly forgot. Why would you shave your head? let the twins grow their hair out. They look really bad and a lot like … twins. Can’t tell the difference now. But anyway. 7/10

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