Between Night n Music – B.I.G

It is time to review a brand new band. B.I.G is a 5 member boy group that debuted last year with Hello. The members of the group include J-Hoon, Benji, Gunmin, Minpyo and Heedo. They have been around for less than a year (they made their debut in July 2014). They also released the single Are You Ready? back in October. In terms of activities, we don’t hear the band much. I don’t think they have been on many variety programs that much and they don’t get that much recognition. Essentially, they are still nugu (like ultra rookie). But their latest song has got my attention and that is why we are here today.

The song was amazing. From start to end, I found it to be a really amazing dance themed song with its disco and pop influence. I take the “14 feet, still look very good” away from the song. I don’t get the significance behind it and it distracted me from the songs many times. The instrumental of the song is pretty strong and it just so freaking amazing. The drums (I don’t know) that repeat throughout the song was really good and addictive. As for the dance break, it was a very interesting part of the song. I really like it how it sounds really modern but at the same time, quite retro. Their vocals are quite strong, though sometimes they sound quite weak. The rapping was really deep and it managed to fit the song quite well. Overall, the song flowed quite well (including the dance break which made the song a lot more interesting). It would be a song I’d play at a party (hopefully, that is the point of the song. To be a party anthem).

The music video was okay. You could tell that there was not much put into it. I like the setting and how the music video still had that dance party feel to it with the lights. I would like to go onto a bus with a party in it. The buses I take just have people sitting around and minding their own business. Not that exciting. I don’t like their shiny silver jackets. It was just too much of a throwback to the space days. I don’t feel like the editing of the music video was up to par. This is not a thing I talk about much and the editing was not terrible. It just felt choppy and did not flow as well. It also seemed like parts were zoomed in and focused on that weren’t even meant to be shot at. That could have been mine perspective from watching the video. Flashing lights have never been a great thing for me, so maybe they distracted me from enjoying the whole music video.

As for the dance, I liked it. It matched the style of the song. The dance break was amazing. It utilised the instrumental really well. During the dance break, there were sounds that were like balls bouncing. The dance used that to their advantage and I thought it made the whole stage a lot better and interesting.

Overall, a really amazing song and dance. Music video could have been a little better but it was still pretty good. 9.5/10

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