Apple – Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) ft. Jay Park

Gain, from Brown Eyed Girls, have returned after a year since Truth Or Dare, which was released early last year. This time around she has got another 19+ rated music video for this song. Don’t know why but I will discuss it later. Her album this time has two title tracks and have proven to be a big hit in the industry. Though there are some criticisms and some of which I might add are double standards. But hey, that is what is known as an industry. Her other title track, Paradise Lost will also be reviewed. Most likely released tomorrow. Don’t quote me on that. That or next week when I finally go on my break.

This is a really nice summer song. It was refreshing and had a nice summery cooling effect on you. I think that was an oxymoron. But that summery effect was there, but it managed to cool you down. The song itself got slapped a 19+ rating by KBS. Don’t know why but KBS cited that the song had lyrics that suggested of a sexual relationship. Hmmm… Well, I think most songs need to be banned because a love song even though it is sweet, will lead to a sexual relationship in the end. In other words, KBS is not being making much sense. Music is meant to be up for interpretation. We don’t need people to tell us what this song means and what it doesn’t. Jay Park is an exceptional rapper and sounds amazing in this song. Gain has a really cute voice in this song. Something we don’t see much from her in her career. Together, I think they had really nice chemistry and would love to see this collaboration again in the future. Is it the best song out there? Probably not. But it really gives Gain a new side to her.

The music video also got a 19+ rating. I don’t see anything 19+ about this music video. Gain also wanted to challenge the rating on the music video. Yes, she wears extremely short shorts that resembles underwear and she holds a hose as if it was her d***. But beside it, it was a video that matched the summer feel of the song. She looked quite cute throughout the video running around after a ball and riding her bike. She obviously looked like she enjoyed herself. There was a lot of emphasis on the butt area, but like every other KPOP video out there that involves girl groups, don’t you think South Korea would be immuned to it by now? It was disappointing to know that the music video was quite short. Also, I rewatched the video. The music video was reassessed and given a 15 rating. At least we know these ratings are not final. Which means some bands can take unnecessary 19+ ratings if they want to.

As for the dance, we haven’t see much live performances of this song. Because it has been banned by so many broadcasting stations. However, last night, Gain performed Apple for the second time (as a full song) with the help of F(x)’s Amber. The cuteness also runs in the dance as well and Gain looks like she enjoyed her time on the stage. Not a memorable dance. but it fitted the song.

In conclusion (this whole review sounded more like an essay than a review), if you are going to ban songs, watch and make sure what ou say make sense. And remember music is very subjective. Overall, Gain did pretty well with Apple and it (alongside Paradise Lost) was a solid comeback.  9/10

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