Growing Pains – Donghae & Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

Super Junior is back!! Wait. Let’s back track for a moment. Donghae and Eunhyuk is back!!! Yes, it has been a while since we last heard from the duo. Their latest Korean releases includes Oppa Oppa and Still You; and the two have been quite busy and successful releasing songs such as Motorcycle and Skeleton in Japan. The song Growing Pains is the title track of their first album titled as “The Beat Goes On”. And beside that, Super Junior has been quiet lately. Sungmin got married in December 2014 and he, alongside Shindong, will be enlisting this month (I think). Other than that, Kyuhyun wrapped up successful promotions for his solo debut. I believe Siwon is filming something (when isn’t he in front of a camera for a drama). Heechul and Jungmo (from TRAX) is also set to return as the duo M&D.

This song is pretty good. I did not like Oppa Oppa and Still You rings no bells in my mind (probably wasn’t that memorable). This one is the style that I love and like. Like seriously, most songs take time to be implanted into my mind and brainwash me into thinking it is good. This was just immediate. It just clicked in my mind. The rock influenced instrumental was amazing and really fitted the song lyrics so well. As for the vocals Donghae sounded amazing. Eunhyuk was pretty good as well, just I felt the rap could have been left out. The rapping wasn’t bad and fitted into the song quite well. But still, I think a full vocal/singing concept would have been just fine. I absolutely love the  bridge of the song. I honestly would tell everyone to go check out this song. It is so good.

As for the music video, I haven’t watched it. So everything I say here will be first impressions.  SM is finally moving away from box sets. This music video and Red Velvet’s music video was shot all outside. We see the boys struggle with their break up. When they bump into each other, they looked like they were willing to punch each other. But really, if you looked that pissed off every time someone bumped into you (or you bumped into someone), I won’t be surprised that they dumped you. I liked the dancing scenes on top of the roof. Them lights look beautiful. The girl’s rejection for Eunhyuk was quite cruel. False hope hey. Finally we see the guys go seek some help with some erasing memory expert. Overall, the video was nice shot. Donghae’s forehead looked too smooth, but it was a pretty nice video to watch.

As for the dance, it was pretty cool. Don’t get why the microphones were there. They really did nothing to the performance. But I have to mentioned one thing. Their costumes (along with the dancers) looked quite cheap. Okay maybe not the dudes cause they are probably wearing high end stuff. But the dancers looked very cheap. And that got me distracted.

Overall, the perfect song, a nice video and a great dance. 9.5/10

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