Loser – Big Bang

The wait is over. After three hectic and chaotic years, Big Bang has finally returned as a five member band, not as 1 member or a two member subunit, but actually five members. This time around they went digital, with plans to release 1 or 2 songs per month and then releasing a full album later in the years with the already released songs. Yes, probably every fan has been going on non stop about this and I am too very excited. I mentioned in a past review about doing “Double Reviews”. Not this time around Big Bang, but I will be doing that kind of reviews for the upcoming few releases (given there are two new songs each month).

This is a pretty good song. It isn’t really the fun or crazy side of Big Bang we are used to. It kind of goes back to Haru Haru, Lies or Blues style of songs. I enjoyed it. There is something that I am going to rant about. But I feel like Daesung is overlooked in Big Bang. It feels like there is no faith in him. Both songs that were released consist of Daesung singing one verse and that is it. I know his sick and all (from the looks of live cams) but seriously, it is very disappointing. I understand Taeyang has a good voice and because of his recent success with Eyes Nose Lips, but to me, his voice only gets so far when it comes to emotional feels. Maybe it is because Daesung is just sick, but if the next few songs have Daesung little parts, I guess I am onto something. On the other hand, everyone else (including Daesung) have done an excellent job with the song.  The rapping, vocal work and instrumental is very calming (just maybe the “I’m a loser” part. Way to be optimistic). I really liked Seungri’s part in the song at the bridge. It is pretty unique and sets the song apart from their past songs.

The music video reminds me of Blue and Bad Boy just minus the unnecessary one shot takes. Their acting is definitely pretty good (disappointing we don’t see more of them acting). To me Daesung’s, Seungri’s and TOP’s parts in the video made much more sense than Tayang’s and G-Dragon’s. You can definitely see the loser part in the other three’s parts. But I guess Taeyang is a loser in this video because he is lonely? And G-Dragon is just walking around? I just like it how Daesung, despite getting punched and ganged up on, manages to be fashionable. It is pretty funny come to the think of it. And Taeyang, I think you have a condition. No-shirt-itis. Not complaining since you have a nice set of abs, but sometimes it is a little excessive. Out of the 5746556536 music videos he has been in 99% of them consist of a Taeyang without a shirt.  Also, I think we witness TOP stepping out of his comfort zone………. And then there is his part in Bae Bae……….

There is apparently a dance to this song. I find the song fine without a dance, but whatever floats their boats. I noticed it on their Music Bank stage, but I think it is like a one off thing. It is only this performance (I think) so far with a dance. Glad they incorporated the L sign. It makes sense after all.

Don’t worry. I should get the Bae Bae review out sometime during the weekend. Things have finally started to lift up off my shoulders and I only have exams (plus the odd one or two assignments) left. But I promise you, the Bae Bae review will come out. But for Loser, going to give it a solid 9.5/10.

But which song has been your favourite? It shall be an interesting question, since t is now Big Bang vs Big Bang.

5 thoughts on “Loser – Big Bang

  1. Bae Bae was wacky and crazy but I loved Loser more. The lyrics and tempo was just right. They did a great job that’s for sure!


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