Lion Heart – SNSD

I guess Party time is now over, and Girl’s Generation is back for some serious business. But they must first tame the Lion Heart to be able to continue on their quest. Wow, I am so bad at this pun game. But yes, 2015 seems to be an eventful year for the girls, as they have made their comeback (once again) in a matter of weeks after their Party promotions ended. Earlier in May, they released Catch Me If You Can as a single, Party as a single and now their full album is out with double title tracks. Lion Heart is one, while You Think (review should be out tomorrow) is the other title track.

When I first heard the song, I thought “Oh Boy, another Dancing Queen track”. It is probably the one song that I still absolutely dislike in KPOP. But after a few listens, who would believe this song grew so much on me? Now I look forward to listening to the song every single day. It is a much more classy song for the girls, that really hinder their talents. However it is a style that I think does suit the girls pretty well. It is a very happy and bright song for the group that to me just reminds me of smiles. Their vocals fit the song pretty well, and it seems something that would have came out back in the day. But the chorus, it is pretty cringe worthy. Not that it is bad, it just does not have that same punch as other Girl Generation song. Not going to say it was boring, as the song does go into different tempos throughout the song (that or my ears are playing jokes on me). I felt like the “Oh Oh Oh Oh” parts should have been replaced with something else and the bridge could have been so much better. That small rap part at the end of the song probably was my highlight for the song. If Hyoyeon rapped like that in every other song, I would totally dig it. Great song though, just some bits I am not that fond of.

As for the music video, I am going to say it was boring. I liked nothing about it. Though the girls look like they went through a transformation. I don’t know. Their past songs (and their more recent songs) compared with what they look like this video, kind of didn’t match up. Not saying they looked bad or anything a long the lines of that, but going from Party to the 1930s is a pretty big jump, in my point of view. It was very interesting. But anyway, the pizza at the start looked very nice. I aml hungry now. It just find the whole idea of them falling in love with a lion’s face and human body really odd. Though it fits in with the song and all, but it just really weird and well, out of this world. Their acting in this video is not their best. It felt cliché and really over dramatic. But I guess, for the laughs.

As for the dance, I am impressed. The girls managed to combine sexy and classy very well in this dance. I don’t think anyone expected the chorus, with their leg spreading. I really love how they changed positions throughout the dance as well. As for their costumes and outfits, wow, they make the girls look amazing.

Overall, a pretty nice comeback. Great song and dance. Music video, not so much. 6.5/10. You Think’s review should be out tomorrow.

My question is: Which 2015 Girl’s Generation song that has been released was your favourite? You have 4 options. Choose wisely.

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