You Think – SNSD

I promised and I delivered. Always. Hahaha.. This is the second song of their comeback for their album. Yesterday, I reviewed Lion Heart. So let’s continue the jam packing year for Girl’s Generation. There is a poll at end for you all, so stick around.

I fall in love with any electro song that SNSD puts out. I was a mega fan-boy when I first heard Mr.Mr and was totally digging Catch Me If You Can. This is amazing. This song is on point. This song is fleek. Yes, yes yes. This song any day over Lion Heart. That is what my opinion is. I would say, you can kill me for my choice, since it seems most of Korea don’t really think You Think is that great, but I just solved a massive maths problem that has troubling me for weeks, so I want to submit it. NERD OUT. But honestly, why isn’t this song at the top of the charts? Okay, maybe the song can use a little tweaking, but so far, what we are presented with is good enough to satisfy me for some time. The instrumental and their high pitch vocals in this song go well and hand in hand with each other. The ad-libs during the chorus were really cool. The rapping is pretty good as well. Not as great as in Lion Heart, but good enough. The one thing about the song that erks me is towards the end. The members just seem to sing over each other. Like during the start and the chorus, there is a member who handles the chorus and then the one who does the ad-libs. But, the ending, there seemed to be like 5 members or so singing at once. And that really got to me. And while it sounds good, I just couldn’t handle it. But beside that, this is a song that is on point.

For the music video, there is something that is missing between this video and Lion Heart. We see posh and mature girls in the Lion Heart video and then we get this sexy video for this song. And it totally fits. But I want to know what made them go for the 180 degree change. Not 360, because you will be at the starting point again. While I love the tunnel/abandoned rail-way scenes and the girls dressed in black, them colourful scenes where the girls just sit around and where long elegant dresses, really don’t fit in with the overall feel of the song. Yeah , they look sexy and all but I don’t really find singing to yourself in a mirror and singing the lyrics “You think you’re so cool?” matching. And it seems like the producer just brought the jewelled car along for looks. There is not need for it. I would have been fine with those scenes of them in black leather and the abandoned rail rail-way. It adds mysterious. It makes me ask “why do you think you’re so cool?”. The lounging around in jewellery does not have that same effect on me.

The dance. Wow. Seohyun’s ummm… leg spreading on the floor. Wow. Ummm… DAMN. Never knew she was so flexible before. I am amazed. As for the rest of the dance, I think they did a pretty good job. They managed to make me go wow. And I am sure it made loads of other people go wow as well.

This particular song. They owned it. From the song to the dance, they were totally on point. Once again, the video was not that great. Well half of it. 8/10

My question is: Which 2015 Girl’s Generation song that has been released was your favourite? You have 4 options. Choose wisely.

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