[Review] Free Somebody – Luna (f(x))

Another long-awaited solo debut. Luna, the main vocalist from f(x), has finally made her solo debut. It has been years since fans wanted a solo album under her own name and finally the wait is over. Who’s excited? I am!!!! Though, SM Entertainment promotional runs are becoming extremely short. We only saw her for a short amount of time and it is such a pity.

Another song to add to the favourite list. I am not a big fan of Luna, but I agree with many people that she is a person that deserves a lot more attention from her company. She is definitely very talented and it is such a shame that we had to wait for this song for her solo debut. And regarding that, I don’t think I can think of another song that can encapsulate her amazing vocals and talents on the stage. I love the retro sound that the song had going on in it. Throw in Luna’s explosive vocals and a very simple but catchy chorus, and you have a killer song. Every time I listen to the song, I cannot hear a single flaw. I bang on things that sometimes you guys probably see as too harsh or just plain stupid. But Free Somebody ticks the boxes for everything. It is the perfect song for her and definitely an amazing song to listen to. I just can’t help but to bob my head along and sing the “Free Somebody” lines with her when I listen to the song.

The music video is really unique and it stands out for me. It has that retro and funky vibe channelling through the video. I absolutely love the animations (even though they did weird me out). Luna jumping into your mouth and all is not part of the normal day living. I love it how the dude was just like checking out Luna the whole time (and who wouldn’t) when she was dancing outside the elevator. I also love how the whole thing was basically set inside the elevator. Though it really looks constricting, the camera angles and their chemistry made it look like an infinite amount of space. It is such an interesting video. Though, I did expect something scandalous from the two the whole time they were in the elevator (if you know what I mean). We did see a little glimpse of it at the end but come on. More! More! More!

And the true reason why I wanted to see a little more is because of the dance. Damn, can Luna dance or what. She made such a simple choreography quite sexy and manage to still belt the song out. Them squats were just too much to handle hahaha…

Final rating – 10/10


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