[Review] L.I.E – EXID

Last year’s hottest group is officially back. EXID has returned with their first ever full album in their 4-year career.

Big fan of the group, but when I listen to the song, it doesn’t blow my mind. I kind of go “meh” every time I hear it and just listen to it. It doesn’t have me head banging or bouncing around in joy. It isn’t as catchy (which they are known for) nor addictive.   According to some people Up & Down, Ah Yeah and Hot Pink sounded very similar, which I disagree with. This song sounds a lot weaker than any of their previous singles. I do have to say it is a great mash-up of the classy and electronic genres. There is definitely some class in the verses and chorus. As for the electronic additions, you can hear them in the instrumental break down. It is a little weird as it barely matches up, but it still manages to work pretty well. I personally liked them a lot, but yeah, it did make the song sound awkward. The vocals seemed to be held back. Not bad, but once again, I do miss that powerful vocal style. I do agree with many people and say that LE’s rap gave the song more meaning (and is probably one of the few reasons to why I would actually listen to the song). And if you cannot tell how I feel about the song so far: I am disappointed with it.

The music video is pretty nice to watch. It does fall a bit on the boring side, but I actually put up with it every time I listen to it. I just want to start off with the “sexual controversy” that the video had. Many people (netizens) have complained about the many sexual references made in the video.  The director responded with “it was deliberate” and that pretty much made my day. Anyway, those sexual scenes were probably my favourite parts of the video. Hani, seasoning the meat so suggestively and LE in that bathtub. OMG. The music video starts off with a couple checking into the hotel. It seems like the girls are searching for the guy, who probably from the title is lying to a lot of people. I love Hyerin in the black dress, who instead of picking petals off the flower, is ripping hair out of a Ken Doll. Their acting in this video is quite nice and very bright. I just felt something else in terms of the plot should have made the video more interesting. The guy exploding at the end was a little alarming and confused me quite a bit, but they should have included what happened in between, like “why did the guy explode?” and “how did that occur?”.

The dance was okay. Not as memorable as their previous dances. Loved the dance break but felt the chorus was a little lacking.

Final Rating – 6/10

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