[Album Review] High Five (2nd Full Album) – Teen Top

Teen Top has returned with their second full album, High Five. This is their first comeback since the departure of L.Joe and as a five member group. I had previously written a full review for their title track, Love Is. If you had missed that or want to re-read it, then scroll down below and click the hyperlinked link!

High Five (2nd Full Album) Album Cover

1..Origin – As it is only the introduction to the album and lasts around 30 seconds, it will not be included in the final rating.

2. Love Is (재밌어?) (title track)Click here to read the full review for Love Is. (7.5/10) 

3.  Because I Care (손만 잡고 잘게) –  I think the song is good, but there really isn’t anything that captivates me in the song. It is one of the songs that, regardless how times I play the entire album, I end up skipping it. It sounds very ordinary and is forgettable. The vocals are okay but compared to the rest of the songs on the album, it does fall short. (5/10)

4. Call Me – Probably one of the better tracks on the album. The instrumental is amazing. It probably would sound much better if the bass was stronger and would fit perfectly in the club setting. But it still sounds amazing. The vocals are pretty good, but it did feel constricted. I haven’t judge the song based on its live stage (this song was also performed alongside their title track during the first week of promotions) but the dance gives it more energy and lifts the song to a whole new level.  (9/10)

5. I Love Girl – As a person who English is my first language, I cringe at the title. But after listening to the song, I guess the missing article in the title was intentional. In the song, the “I Love Girl” sounds like “I Love Her”. If my assumption is right, it is quite clever. The instrumental seems pretty standard, with no flashy moments. It seems to be an upbeat form of RnB, which doesn’t sound too bad. However, the song doesn’t really reel me in. Maybe because the lyrics and romantic vibe don’t appeal to me. (6/10)

6. Make Me Sick (화나게 해) – This song is actually quite good. The beat of the song is quite addictive and the chorus almost sounds sensual to an extent. If you listen carefully, you can hear very heavy breathing in the background, which is matching to the beat of the song. But what makes the chorus the highlight of the song is the vocals. They sound so good in this song. There were some processing, but either way, it sounds quite good. The ending of the song sounded more dragged out than it should have been, but that is not a problem. (8/10)

7. July (7월의 만남) – It’s another one of those ballads that make me sway along. We know the more dance and synth heavy version of Teen Top, so this provides a different sound for the group. I say it as if it is the first ballad they have ever done and I am quite sure it isn’t their first. But since I haven’t paid attention much to their B-side tracks before, it was their first ballad, for me, at least. Vocally, the song is strong and showcases their vocals. The same can also be said about the rap sequence. (8/10)

8. High Five (안녕!) – This is one of the more brighter songs on the album. If there was anything such as a “boy next door” type of song, this would probably be it. The vocals are quite good here and the harmony during the chorus made the song worth listening to. The stripping of the music from the end, leaving only the vocals, was probably my personal favourite part of the song. The vocals do add a more dynamic side to the song. They boosted the very generic sounding acoustic instrumental to a ‘high-five’ worthy song. (8.5/10)

9. What’s The Problem (뭐가 문제야) – One of the two personal favourites on the entire album. It may not be your typical synth-heavy Teen Top song, but it fits the group’s style quite nicely. The song, for a while, reminded me of Shinhwa, especially during the rap (I don’t know what to call it) towards the end of the song. The whistles (I think they were distorted but very subtly) made the song more addictive. The vocals and raps in this song were probably their best on the album. I also love the “Why, Why, What you want?” chant, which was catchy to me. (9/10)

10. You & I – This is the other personal favourite on the entire album. Vocals and raps are on point in this song. I love the very simple “You & I” chorus. It makes the song incredibly smooth and it is catchy as heck. I continually replay the song very single day because I just can’t get enough the chorus. Even writing this part of the review, I am having a hard time just go onto the next song. What this song needs? Nothing else, but a live performance would be nice. (10/10)

11. Mirror – The album ends up with another standard song. It is another song that I ended passing by because I didn’t really enjoy it as much. Nor did it have anything worth coming back to. The same comments I made about Because I Can can be applied here. The only good side to the band that it does showcase their vocals quite nicely. But besides that, there wasn’t much else. (5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.6/10

High Five Teaser Image

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