[Review] Shangri-La – VIXX

VIXX has finally returned with their fourth mini album, titled as Shangri-La. The title of the title track also shares the same name. This is VIXX’s first comeback since their comeback at the end of the year with The Closer, which finished off their trilogy centred around Greek Gods. They went on to release Milky Way, which was a special track for their fans.

The first thing you notice is that Chinese inspired instrumental. The song also combines synths to make it unique, similar to Ten’s Dream In A Dream. The Chinese inspired instrumental dominates the verses, while the synth-based instrumental dominates during the chorus, which does make it an interesting mix. In its own right, the track is extremely powerful. While it may not have the bass that I would have love, the differing dominance between sounds does give off strength and toughness. Their vocal work here is also quite exceptional. We already know the level that Leo and Ken can reach, but the rest of the other members do shine as brightly as Leo and Ken. I love N’s little section during the bridge, it is quite haunting. Even Ravi’s raps are quite good. Maybe not as badass and tough sounding like their other works, but still quite good. But that leads onto the issue for me. The track doesn’t hype me up as their previous work. And that is something I look for when VIXX releases songs. I have listened to it for a few times now after their 6 pm KST release, but I am not blown away with it. Maybe tomorrow or the next few days, but currently, I have don’t feel anything after the track ends.

The music video is crystal clear. I honestly don’t know if I have been living under a rock for the past year or so, but many music videos have emerged to be fully high-definition, which amazes me. GOT7’s Never Ever, Monsta X’s Beautiful and even Twice’s latest comeback (review coming out tomorrow) have wowed me with their quality. Once again, I am probably reviewing the comeback a little too early, so there is probably no fan theories for the music video yet. There is something going on, but since I have been apparently living under a rock, some never-heard-before story everyone has heard of is what the video is based on. After a little research, Shangri-La is a mythical place where it is forever happy and that is all what I can get from it.  Back to square one. Also, while this isn’t the first time KPOP singers have performed with water at their feet, this video does it really cool. I also love the different lighting and sets in the video. All looked quite cool.

I have been officially ‘slayed’ with the choreography. Their use of the fans gives off an elegant yet very dominating feel. That powerfulness is portrayed nicely through their sharp moves and their precision is amazing in this performance. I love the start where their starting pose and the hand work that they show. Once again, VIXX has done it again with the choreography.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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