[Review] Signal – Twice

The most talked about girl group, Twice, is finally back with a brand new song, Signal. They return with their fourth mini album, which is also titled as Signal. The group previously returned for a short promotional run for their song Knock Knock and their reissue of their third mini album. Twice is also gearing up for a Japan debut, so I am hoping for some original content from them in Japanese!!!

Sadly, I am on the fence with this song. It isn’t their best work out there, but it isn’t terrible as some people would describe it. Unlike all of their past songs, I don’t see anything that can be considered to be catchy. That leaves me a little disappointed because all of the songs that I love from Twice have that over-catchiness that makes it quite appealing. I am not a big fan of the opening or those ‘talking/chanting’ parts throughout the song. They felt awkward and very dull. Once the song starts picking up (and the members actually start singing), it gets a little better. And there is more colour to the song. The chorus was ‘alright’ at best. Like I said before, I can’t feel or hear any hooks in the song. The song also felt very neutral all throughout, with very little fluctuations or changes in the singing style that they go for. While the song felt very pop-centred, the neutralness does kill the track and prevent it from becoming that colourful track that Twice seems to aim for with all their songs. All of that being said, I don’t mind it. I can sit down and listen to it if it appears in my playlist. but I wouldn’t go through the effort of looking for the song.

So I guess the girls get transported to a different world and fall in love with a blue alien. But I love the only face (the  “IDGAF” face) that he gives throughout the video). Like I said yesterday, the music video quality is top-notch. What isn’t top-notch is the acting at the start, where they all faint in the field and the hair that some of the girl sport. Seems like someone ticked off the hair stylist recently. Each the girls also have a superpower (besides Nayeon. The Men In Black called and they want the Neuralyzer back). And I assume they decided to show off their powers to get the alien’s attention, which failed. In the end, it turns out they were all aliens, which explained their superpowers. It creeped me out a bit though. Overall, I thought this video is their cutest yet. And it is quite good!

I think the dance could pretty much be the next TT dance, with the alien ears. Their formations were also quite good. But watching their performance with the song, it felt weak and that left me a little disappointed. I just didn’t find it as cute as their past dances or like the video.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10



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