[Review] Suddenly – Roy Kim

Roy Kim is back with his first mini album, Blooming Season. For those who don’t know who Roy Kim is, he is South Korean soloist who debuted back in 2013, with the chart-topping Bom Bom Bom (Spring Spring Spring). Before 2013, he was a contestant on Superstar K4 and ultimately won the competition that year. Since then, he has been releasing songs here and there, such as Home and Love Love Love. His last comeback was in 2015 with The Great Dipper.

If there was one thing that captivated me in all of the songs that I have listed above, it would have to be Roy Kim’s voice. And it is the one thing that people look forward to when they hear a Roy Kim song. His deep yet mellow voice is definitely unique and stands out in the crowd. His deep voice literally sucked me into this song and has me going back to it over and over again. The emotions that he carries in his voice are subtle but they make sure they are heard. Suddenly is a Spring-time ballad that has a very nice melody. It’s another song that makes you sway along to it. The instrumental is incredibly simple. No instrument overpowers another. From the finger clicks to the trumpet (or saxophone) at the end, everything felt just right in this song. I actually love the instrumental section at the end of the song. I am never a fan of songs that fade out at the end, but here it is very fitting for the song. If you can’t tell by now, I totally like this song. And if you are waiting for more Roy Kim reviews, I will be doing a review for Egoist, which will be published on Friday (and my praise here is nothing compared to that review, trust me).

The music video isn’t as captivating as the song. But I will gladly glue my eyes to the screen playing the music video for the song. I thought the video showed Roy Kim daily morning routine. But instead, it shows him packing up, leaving the house and going away (he ended up throwing the keys away). He sings about moving on from a past relationship and the video seems to show him moving on from the memories that he had in that house. While I wasn’t into the video, the idea of the video and its storyline fits the lyrics very nicely. For a while, it felt cold and empty, but that was what was trying to be conveyed through the video. Reflecting on what I wrote, it probably is an amazing video if I wasn’t so narrow-minded. The video just felt dull and (like I said at the start) captivating.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10


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