[Review] Nonfiction – K.Will

K.Will has made his long-awaited return to the stage with a brand new album, titled as Nonfiction, which is also the same name as his title track. This album is the first part of his 4th full-length album. It has been a while since he last promoted on stage. The last being in 2015 with Growing, though he has released singles and collaborations since then.

Nonfiction takes the ballad route with K.Will’s signature husky vocals. The instrumental, along with his vocals, make the song extremely soothing to listen to. I love it when he finishes the lines on a higher note, in the verses. It gives the ballad some variety and colour, which goes nicely with the emotional message in which is trying to convey to us. The song does build up, starting from a soft introduction to a climatic ending using just the same instruments that he started off with. Personally, ballads hit a soft spot for me. And this one does the job perfectly. The only thing that I may say about the song is that there isn’t anything mindblowing or spectacular about it. Instead, it is like every other ballad out there. But if you want a good old ballad, this is the recent release your need to check out.

The music video tells an emotional story, which goes nicely with the K.Will’s singing style. Essentially, the guy works as a tour guide at this old Korean palace and it is the place where he and his former girlfriend used to go out on dates. And while he still remains there, his former girlfriend has moved on. They reunite for a very brief moment when her current boyfriend asks him to take a photo of them. The main guy complies with the request and returns home, only to become more heartbroken. The last few scenes were probably the hardest to get to, as he relives his favourite pastime with his ex (where they dance with each other) but he instead dances alone in his bedroom. I thought it was a very deep and impactful video to watch. And the acting is quite good.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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