[Review] Star – VROMANCE

With two songs titled Star in just a span of two weeks, the night skies are just going to get brighter. VROMANCE is back with Part 2 of their Confession trilogy, Star. I have somehow missed Part 1 (Flower), which was released back mid-January. Unfortunately, I have decided to not do a full review for Part 1 (as there is no music video), so I am hoping for these songs to be on some future album release so I can review it there. But today’s focus is on Star.

If you follow me on Twitter (click the bird icon at the bottom of the page), you may have seen my tweet in regards to the song. In short, it said I was in awe and completely speechless to even begin this review. Everything about this song is beautiful. From the start, the soft guitar was an awesome opener but the sudden launch into the chorus just (metaphorically) punched me in the face. The “Beautiful ________, Beautiful _________” lyrics in the verses just leaves a deep impression on my mind. The harmonies during the chorus were just perfect. Vocals were amazing, which sounds like an understatement given what I have already said. But the good stuff with this song is towards the end when we get to the bridge. I like the echoing repetition of the ad-lib, which left me stunned. That very dramatic strum of the guitar, the epic feeling final chorus and that high note at the end that followed the bridge was particularly fascinating and definitely my pick for the highlights of the song.  I can continue listing what I like about this song but I think you get the idea of how much I love it.

I have to admit, I was low key expecting the members to pop up somewhere along the video. But I guess that would rob the video of its artistic nature. I am no dancer but from what I can see, the dancing in this video makes the video so much more beautiful. I like it how they didn’t keep it in one area but instead moved the setting along to various parts of the house (i.e. balcony, hallway, bedroom and dining room). It pairs perfectly with the song, which makes it so much better.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

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