[Review] Black Dress – CLC

Last year, CLC caused a storm with their Hobglobin comeback. Finally, a concept and song genre that got the girls some recognition.  This was later confirmed by CLC’s failed comeback, Where You Are?, which did not get anywhere near the same amount of recognition (the company also dropped the promotions after 2 weeks and focused on a more lively B-side track, Summer Kiss, which seemed to be a more popular track). Hence, it would only right for their company to select a song for their comeback that could rival or overtake Hobglobin.

Black Dress carries that burden. And I think they meet (and overshoot) the standard set by the group’s most notable track. The opener to the song is an incredible attention-grabbing introduction. It throws you into the deep-end of roughness for this track, which definitely sets you up for what is in store. The song also focuses more on this mature vibe, which CLC has been presenting us. The pre-chorus buildup was awesome, while the chorus takes you back to that attention-grabbing synth at the start of the song. I love the extremely minimalistic instrumental break just before the rapper does her thing (who sounds amazing this song). The rest of the members do a good job with their vocals. The best part of the entire song has to be the slight pause just before a very rough yet appealing exclamation of ‘Black Dress‘. Overall, I am totally digging this track and if you want something edgy like Hobglobin, check this track out!

And if you think the song is a step forward, the music video is going to give you a shock. I know we have seen some idols cut their hair in their music videos in the past. But for some unknown reason, the scene (timed perfectly with the pause at the end of the bridge) really does leave an impression on you. I also see how the pole dancing lessons that Eunbin recently revealed to the public fits into the music video. The video also touches on some dark themes, mainly the sharp scissors and its questionable position near the chest (seen more clearly in the teaser). In the context of the video, I think they represent transformation, which links back to the chopping of the hair. Not exactly sure but that is my guess. Overall, I like the music video quite a bit and thought it was a perfect fit with the music.

The performance is good but I think I wanted more intensity and something pushing the boundaries of the choreography. Don’t me wrong, after watching it a few times, I thought it was quite cool. But if they wanted to show something more unique, I feel like that added intensity could have made the performance even better to watch.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10 
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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