[Review] Blue Moon – Kyungri (9MUSES)

Nine Muses (also 9MUSES), for a very long time, has been known as a highly underrated group in the industry. And over the years, there has only been one member that has stood out. Kyungri is probably the group’s most well-known member, given that she has shot a few CFs in the past. And now the 9MUSES member has finally made her solo debut with Blue Moon. To make this debut extra special, her debut date also lies on her birthday, so Happy Birthday Kyungri!

Blue Moon takes on the well-known charms of Kyungri. That is, the song sounds quite seductive and trendy. And I think the song does a pretty good job of portraying the strengths of the artist. She is known for her vocals within the group and she puts them on full display. The chorus is extremely dynamic. It starts off with some deep thumping, which really gets the seductive nature going and then (maintaining the thumping in the background) goes on to a pop vibe instrumental, which sounds quite nice. While I was kind of irked by the presence of the autotune, it actually made the song feel a little different and kept it from being too repetitive. I like the instrumental break into the song, which I am sure is useful for a really sexy dance break (though I would have loved to hear some more vocals from her). Overall, really nice debut song.

Her next charm (and what I commonly associate with her) is sexiness and this video has loads of it. The entire video focuses on her and her charm, which I would say is a masterpiece. But the video was lacking and prevented me from really appreciating what I saw. I was rather disappointed with the sets. They looked incredibly plain and boring. They could have gone with a more elegant route for this video, which would have paired nicely with the concept and her sexiness. They could have gone for something glittering in the background or a fancy looking bar set.

Kyungri takes the seductive and sexiness nature mentioned and channels it well through the performance. It isn’t the most mind-blowing choreography out there but it definitely works. And the backup dancers (including the men) are all wearing high heels. That is definitely a feat and I liked how all the backup dancers do a wonderful job of meeting the standards set by Kyungri on the stage in terms of sexiness.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.3/10

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