[Review] I’m Not Afraid – Holland

Holland is back with a brand new single, I’m Not Afraid. For those who don’t know of the solo artist, he is openly gay and debuted with Neverland in January of this year. I’m Not Afraid is a two-part single project, with the likely title of the second single (to be released at a later date) being On The Second Moon, as these are the words that close off the music video for this comeback. But until then, let’s focus on his latest single.

While I wasn’t really a fan of Neverland, I find I’m Not Afraid to be much more captivating and interesting. I think this is partly due to the retro synth-dominated EDM instrumental that forms the basis of the song. I really liked the instrumental overall. It is refreshing and somewhat different to what we hear constantly throughout the industry at the moment. The echo effect that is placed on this vocals really make him sound so much better and adds an extra layer to the retro element of the song. I also like the way he sings ‘I’m not afraid anymore’, which is definitely a strong (in a subtle way) hook. While the song was consistent, I didn’t find it one bit boring or repetitive, which is a feat worth mentioning.

What also makes this a great comeback is the lyrics of the song. While Holland clearly takes inspiration from his life, I liked how the video isn’t just about him. Featuring in the video is people of colour, a drag queen and other gay couples. The song’s main message is that nobody should be afraid anymore. You shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself. I thought the video was well presented with everyone turning up for a party and enjoying themselves. It also pushes boundaries with a very steamy kiss between Holland and his boyfriend It was a good video with a powerful message.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

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