[Review] Sorry For My English – IN2IT

KPOP has its share of questionable English lines in the past. But they are becoming much better with the incorporation and intention behind their use of English nowadays. However, I didn’t expect the industry to apologise for its past usage, let alone being in song format. IN2IT recently returned with Snapshot earlier this year and have returned once again with Sorry For My English (which probably is the most random title ever in KPOP).

Sorry For My English is a funky disco track, filled with the expected retro vibes that past disco/funky songs have presented and upbeat energy, giving some appeal to the song. The title intrigues me, particularly how it is incorporated into something meaningful. Judging from the translations I can find, the song seems to be the bridge between the members and a foreign person, as they say, they want to communicate via body language rather than verbally.  And English isn’t the only language in the mix, as the song also contains phrases (such as Beautiful and Hello) in Japanese, Malaysian, Bahasa and Chinese Mandarin. I did like the catchy chorus, as they do a fair attempt at engraving the repeated title into your mind. I liked their vocals and rapping. The song just doesn’t really exceed the expectations and standard set by Snapshot, but it is still very good.

Instead of having a tutoring class, the members opt to go to a disco. That is essentially the entire plotline of the video if you can call that a plotline. Other than that, it is what you expect from a disco-themed video. Colour flashing lights and a freaking disco ball! What more do you want? Though I did cringe at the one scene with the guy ‘shaving’ his non-existent beard. But other than that, good video.

I liked the choreography for this song. It is definitely in line with the disco-themed song. But it just doesn’t go for those certain dance moves. Instead, it feels like a choreography for a disco-themed song released in 2018. I thought the dance break was quite cool and the circle formation at the very end looked amazing on stage.

Song  – 7.5/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10

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