[Review] Sweet Chaos – DAY6

The next comeback which I really wanted to cover today is DAY6’s Sweet Chaos. The band have had one successful year. It also seems like the Korean public is finally recognising the talents that we have known DAY6 had for ages now, with the band finally topping album charts and finally placing on the digital charts! And this was all done with the Time Of Our Life and The Book Of Us: Gravity comeback earlier this year. Alongside Sweet Chaos, the band has returned with their third studio album, The Book Of Us: Entropy.

It is going to be hard to top Time Of Our Life. Not just for DAY6 but almost every other artist will have that hurdle to get past if they want me to vote them for Song Of The Year (hint hint). Though, I admit that Sweet Chaos is a good followup. Just not good enough to exceed their previous title track. Having a very familiar instrumental that I just cannot pinpoint in my mind, Sweet Chaos manages to push the right buttons. Firstly, the song’s punk genre roots feel like something only DAY6 could do because they have that Western background. Secondly, I think the genre really sets the bands vocals up nicely. Thirdly, I am loving the post-chorus hook, which really tied up the chorus well. The intensity and energy rush the song has is definitely a side of DAY6 I enjoy, as per my past reviews. I also find the drums to be a really dynamic part of the song. Overall, I find Sweet Chaos to be really good and something that I wouldn’t mind blasting (and headbanging to if I wanted to).

The video contrasts to what we got last time from the band. To fit in the grungy vibes, the music video is shot in black and white at the start. Apart of me wanted it to stay that way but I liked what they did, as well. I find the way they brought colour to the video to be nice. But the way they gave colour to Sungjin felt rather cheap. Apart from that, I can only say positive things about the video. I really like the special effects they had in the video and I liked how the video got progressively intense as it went along.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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