[Review] ULlala: Poisoning – IN2IT

Another review that I should have completed last week was for IN2IT, who made their comeback with ULlala: Poisoning and their 3rd single album, Puzzle, last Thursday. This is the group’s second comeback of the year, with Run Away being their first in 2019. Since that comeback in August, Sunghyun departed from the group, reducing the 7 member group to just 6 members now.

It has seemed like the Latin trend had died down this year, compared to 2018. But there is always that one track that keeps on pushing it back onto you despite being incredibly late to join the musical trend. This is what I felt when I was listening to IN2IT’s Poisoning. Usually, I am not troubled by new tracks going back to an overused trend. But instead of just going with the Latin influence, it would help make the track memorable by incorporating an interesting element that really differentiates the track apart from the rest of the Latin influenced category. Poisoning doesn’t have anything of that sort and just sounds like any other track that has such an influence. And this affected other aspects of the track for me. For example, I thought the hook was rather simple and boring this time around, thanks to the ‘typical’ barrier set up by the instrumentation. That being said, there are some other elements in the song that I did like (just nothing unique). The vocal work was good and I liked how they added to the edgy factor that I mentioned in their last review. The textures provided by the vocalists and rappers were good, as well. Overall, the track needed more of something (or things) to make it interesting and memorable.

Similar to the song, I think the music video could have used some interesting elements. Visually, it is a good video. Nice yet standard use of colour. It shows off the members in a very appealing light. Even their outfits see to show off of the members in a sensual manner, which I am sure will make fans go wild (i.e. the trending crop-top, the blazer only outfit and the very deep cut sweaters). But besides that, there isn’t much else to the music video, unfortunately, that really felt captivating.

You might expect me to say that the performance isn’t interesting, as that might be the recurring comment in this review. But I am not going to. I thought this was a good performance and choreography for the track, complimenting the song. I really like the routine during the chorus and the ‘ULlala’ hook in the song.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.2/10



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