[Review] Dr. BeBe – Pentagon

Yup, still a day late with the reviews. Bringing us one of two late reviews to be published today is Pentagon, who are finally back with their very first studio album. In my last album review, I was hoping a studio length album and my wishes came true! The group returns with Dr. BeBe, which is featured the album titled UNIVERSE: THE BLACK HALL. This release follows their Korean Humph! and Japanese Happiness.

Pentagon has had a strong run with their brighter concepts over the last few years. And while the group could continue what they have been doing with these brighter sounds, it is quite unfortunate that none of them really managed to hit the mark like how Shine got their name out there. So, the obvious choice was to change sounds and boy, what a change it was. The song kicks off with a suspenseful, anthem-like opener that really intrigues you. It would have been nice if the rest of the song followed through. But instead, we were presented with a very standard dance track setup. I do admit that I do find this new song a lot tighter and intense with its overall sound (which are all good things, especially with a song that opts for a darker profile). The chorus does provide a little more rhythm to the mix, giving the ends of some lines a little kick in the high note department which is rather unique. I wouldn’t say the song is catchy, but rather it was memorable for those high note line endings. The presence of violins during the bridge was good to help cut through the standard dance synths we get in this song. Vocally, I thought the vocalists and rappers did a good job. I just wished the sound wasn’t as generic and that the track be a little more unique.

Not only did their sound go from bright to intense, but their visual concept also shared the same change. Obviously, it matches up with the song. The lyrics provided insight into a crazed split-personality and the members did an amazing job of showing that in the music video. From their crazed dark side to their scared innocent side, their acting was spot on. In the end, it was shown that they were all patients in a facility, which makes me glad as they did seem they were freely roaming before. I really liked the dark scenes, particularly the choreography shots. It just really emphasizes the new image. I do agree with the netizens this time around when it comes to Hongseok’s outfit. I do think it is a little overkill for this concept and it is more to show off the abs that has been in spotlight.

No moves really stood out to me in the choreography, which is slightly disappointing. But that doesn’t mean it was a bad routine. In fact, I did think it was powerful and strong, which we have seen from Pentagon in the past. It just had no moves that I could really direct your attention to.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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