[Review] Feelin’ Like – PENTAGON

Starting this week off is PENTAGON with their new single, Feelin’ Like, which is featured on the group’s 12th (!) mini-album since debut, In:vite U. This release marks the return of Jinho, who has been absent from PENTAGON’s promotions since after Dr. BeBe and the group’s appearance on Road To Kingdom due to his mandatory military enlistment. It is also the first release from the group since DO or NOT, and some of the group members (Yuto, Kino and Wooseok) released the digital single Cerberus.

Feelin’ Like is quite a sophisticated, classy and very trendy new track from the group. The bass line adds this funky beat that is quite on trend at the moment in KPOP, but its deepness gives off a mature vibe. The chorus for Feelin’ Like is definitely a more concentrated sequence of what I have describe so far. What is pretty cool is that the bass line also gives off a catwalk or modelling type of vibe (which I will touch on in the music video portion of the review) – almost attitude heavy and sassy in a way. I have been a big fan of this vibe in the past. But I also feel that Feelin’ Like is a bit neutral in some regards. Nothing really pinged me as memorable when it came to the vocals or melodies. While it all fits in with the sophisticated and model-like direction, I do feel like the vocals and melodies lacked in its ability to make Feelin’ Like more interesting. Jinho’s high note was pretty good, however, and it is definitely nice to hear him again after his hiatus. The chorus, despite the praises and likeable elements I already mentioned, also feel victim to this neutrality and this was due to the lack of vocals. I wished there was a second part to the chorus, just to give the song some meatiness. The rapping (courtesy of Wooseok and Yuto), on the other hand, was quite good, and really gave the song that oomph that it needed. But unfortunately, I don’t think it was enough for Feelin’ Like. Overall, I am split over the song but I am leaning towards liking it, as always. Despite that, I am definitely of the opinion that Feelin’ Like could have had more.

With a song like Feelin’ Like being so sophisticated and classy, PENTAGON really nailed it with their obvious arty and mature concept. The whole music video was shot with the group as centre of attention, as you would expect art to be in an art gallery, that centrepiece in a museum exhibition or that model on the runway, which plays into the mythology story behind the song’s lyrics (the story of Pygmalion and Galatea). There were confident vibes and classy outfits throughout this whole video. I liked how they brought out the runway for the end of the video. It was the one set I was expecting to see when I heard the teasers and saw the concept images for this comeback, and they delivered with their visuals during this section alone. I would have liked to see them up the dial a bit during some parts – some of their suits could have been more showstopping and the lighting could have been more dynamic to fit the chorus. But overall, a strong video.

The performance for this comeback looks good. It brought out the maturity that the song had, but that didn’t get in the way of the dance performance. I also liked the edgy vibes they brought to the stage for the rappers’ section. It fitted in with the concept and sound style during those moments in which it was warranted, changing the performance up a bit (but not in an extreme fashion). None of the moves were memorable, but that doesn’t mean this performance was a letdown.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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