[Review] Let’s Love – Suho (EXO)

We kick off the new week with a solo debut that I am sure many fans will be overjoyed to hear about. I am talking about Suho’s return to the music scene with Let’s Love. For those who may not know Suho, he is the leader of EXO. Recently, the group was announced to be focusing on solo promotions this year and Suho’s solo debut would be the first of the many solo activities we can expect from the EXO members. We last saw EXO and Suho through their Obsession comeback in late November/December.

Let’s Love takes on the modern rock genre and it sounds amazing. There is a level of aesthetics in the sound profile to this song that amazes and floors me at the same time. And it is genre that I need to get back into as Let’s Love just shows me how blissful the genre can be. But enough about the genre. Let’s Love capitalise on Suho’s vocals, as you want to in a solo release. I have never really been a fan of Suho’s voice, as I do find it plain in most EXO’s songs. But here, there is a sense of balance that just makes his voice feels right. He doesn’t push himself too hard, which definitely compliments the softer rock style. His ad-libs are definitely within his range and adds that ‘main vocal’ touch to the song. My favorite part has to be the ending, where he sings in a very huskily manner, ‘You’re My Dream, You’re My Dream‘. The main concern I have with the song is its lack of a strong hook to really make listeners want to return to the song. There is a decent melody that makes me sway along to the music, but I don’t think it will serve in that purpose. But other than that, this is another great solo debut.

The song itself is about the desire to go back to a previous relationship. It talks about how his former partner completed him and how he followed them to get their attention at first. We essentially see the aftermath of the relationship, that period of desire in the video. Now that his partner had left, his world is barely nothing. We see his world is full of infinite darkness and the long concrete corridor extends further and further as he looks into the distance. But as they always say, there is light at the other end of the tunnel. And that is what Suho experiences at the end of the video, that there is that chance to go back. But that chance is reliant on that former partner. That is is my interpretation and understanding of the song’s lyrics and music video. Please note: I may be completely wrong (I have been told many times previously) and would like to hear what you thought the video. I thought the imagery was quite nice and the monotone colour palette to be very suiting.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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