[Review] nanana – MCND

MCND is looking to be the most worked rookie of 2020. They kicked the year off with their unofficial debut single TOP GANG. The group returned two months later with Ice Age and then two months after that with Spring. Last week the group made their third comeback (fourth, if you consider their unofficial debut) with nanana and the mini-album Earth Age. While this might be tiring for the members, the multiple comebacks will hopefully pay off long term as MCND will be name that constantly pops up every few months, which will make them unforgettable. But that is only they continue this pattern, with reasonable breaks for the members to cool off in between.

But the five member male group is currently in the midst of the promotions for nanana, so we should continue this review post. nanana can be seen as either two entities: (1) a blastful concoction that has a thrilling momentum, or (2) a noisy mess. I just don’t see an in-between descriptor. Currently I am in the mood for something vibrant, energetic and bombastic, so I am very well in the realm of the first option. I find the song to be fun, powerful and intense thanks to its EDM instrumentation. This may be overwhelming for some, and I understand where those people are coming from. Personally, I would prefer that each section was a little more distinct, because I will admit that it seems like a blur. The verses, chorus and bridge all sound quite similar. The pre-chorus was plain, but it was probably the only section that provided relief to the listeners and it was much appreciated. To keep up with the energy and fast momentum, the members had to rap their way through the song. A bit typical by today’s standards, but I enjoyed the energy they channeled through it. In order to compete with the instrumental, the members had to delivery their raps in a shouty way. Once again, this can be overwhelming for some, but I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the hooks of the song, which ended up being quite catchy. Despite it can be much from start to end, I find nanana‘s relentless nature to give it an overall dynamic vibe.

To match with the overwhelming nature of the synths in the song, the music video moves along quite quickly to match up with the tempo of the song. Though, aside from choreogeaphy and closeup, the only other thing to comment on about are the edgy sets. They have a bit of an intense flair to them, which keeps it aligned with the music video. I mean, flashy images on the screen and the stage was on fire. What more can you ask for?

Two things I like about this choreography. The first has to be how jumpy it looks. The second has to be how intense it looks, thanks to the music of course. I feel that if the song wasn’t too exhausting for them (i.e. the jumpy nature and the continuous shouty rapping), the members could have gone with more appealing and strong moves to highlight the song and their potential.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Peformance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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