[Album Review] Unforgettable (7th Mini Album) – Lovelyz

The next album on the reviewing list is Lovelyz’s latest mini-album release, Unforgettable. And the mini-album lives up to its name as it is quite unforgettable, despite the title track being Obliviate (the forgetting charm from the Harry Potter universe). Every song (including said title track) on this album is stunning in their own way and every song is near perfect. Lovelyz has really killed it with this mini-album and it sucks that the group/release is underrated. That is just a very brief overview of this review. For a little more detail and what I really liked about each of the song, continue reading below!

Unforgettable Album Cover

2. Obliviate (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Obliviate. (8/10)

3. Dream in a Dream (자각몽) – Maybe it is because I have been on a horror binge lately, but the music box instrumental pieces give me creepy vibes. I wished that the lyrics reflected that somehow as it pretty mundane. In addition to the creepy vibes that the music box instrumental pieces provide the song, I also really enjoyed the contrast it also brings when paired with the synths in the chorus. Furthermore, the melodies and hushed style of the vocals in the chorus was also quite a highlight. But the biggest highlight in Dream In A Dream are the trio of high notes we get from Baby Soul, Sujeong and Kei. That was a genuine surprise that I really enjoyed. (9.5/10)

4. Never, Secret (절대, 비밀)Never, Secret is beautiful song that is brings about a nostalgic Lovelyz sound that we associate with the group. It took me a while to register the song as a ballad, as the uses of synths alluded towards something different. But once you hear more of the stunning vocals, they don’t really stray away from the ballad genre. I love how the instrumental, while it doesn’t pick up at all, manages to incorporates various guitar pieces to ‘change up’ the song as it progresses. This doesn’t dry out the song and makes it more interesting. Overall, a soothing and calming ballad from the group. (9/10)

5. Memories (이야기꽃) – We move to a more upbeat pop track titled Memories. And it is another captivating track from Lovelyz. It starts off with a reggae influence, before building up to a dance pop sound that features much of the sounds we associate with Lovelyz (beautiful piano work and uplifting synths) for the chorus (with sdome brief rock influence). It is a little odd to describe in words. But once you hear it, it will make a lot more sense. To me, the best part of the song is Kei’s part in the bridge. That got a wow out of me and I had to go back a few times to relive that experience. (9/10)

6. Worry Dolls (걱정 인형) – Ending the album is Worry Dolls. It starts off simple with acoustic guitars and vocal work from the members. The song picks up instantly once it enters the chorus, amping up the sound of this ballad with a band and classical instrumentation. The song retains much of the energy that the chorus infused effortlessly for the second parts of the song, before we are given an electric guitar solo and returning briefly to acoustics. What makes Worry Dolls a really great song are the lyrics and harmonies that really make song wholesome and beautiful for fans and listeners alike. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.9/10

Unforgettable / Obliviate Teaser Image

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