[Review] Mmmh – Kai (EXO)

Kai body rolls his way into this week with the release of his solo debut single, Mmmh. It is the title track off his first solo and self-titled mini-album. From what I understand, Kai is the final member of EXO to officially release a solo song in some capacity, eights years after he kicked off his music career as an EXO member. I find this completely surprising, given that he is one of the popular members of the group. It is definitely an overdue release, so I am not going to keep you waiting anymore. Without further ado, here is my review for Mmmh.

Personally, I wasn’t exactly sure what style of music Kai would get into for his solo career. Not that I don’t follow him or anything. He just has that vibe that he is an all-rounder and can pretty much pull off whatever sound or concept that is thrown at him. I could easily see him doing something upbeat or along the lines of hip-hop for a solo song. But Mmmh goes in a different direction – sensual R&B. Of course, it makes complete sense to why he would have gone with this style for his debut. And it was well executed. I did have some concerns about how Kai would handle some parts of the song, especially since he isn’t the best vocalist in his group. But one listen into Mmmh and those concerns were tossed out of the door. Kai handles the vocal department without any issues, with his appealing low and breathy tone. He pulls off those ad-libs effortlessly, which confirms that those concerns are no longer a thing for me. The ‘Mmmh‘ hook in the chorus was quite catchy and smooth. As for the instrumental, I really liked the very subtle electronic influence we get. It is rather masked by the rest of the R&B and trap based instrumentation. But I would say this is refined rather than lacking. The same technique was used in the bridge, but this is on the opposite end of the spectrum. I could hear a hint of violins towards the end. I wished they could have gone with more of that to make Mmmh a little more interesting, as it was something I personally didn’t see coming and liked it to be explored more. Overall, Mmmh was a solid debut song that shows off Kai’s skills and talents pretty well.

One of the things that I have noticed recently with the music videos is that the editing and post-production have been amazing. Take that city scene we see in the background while Kai is sitting on the edge of the roof. That was very detailed, futuristic and very visually appealing. The yellow hue sky dance choreography scene also looked amazing. The best part, however, is how Kai is dancing (towards the end of the video) and he is transported to a different section of the same scene, leaving behind a thousand small glass shards where he used to be. That is already on a whole different level, but the fact that he could interact with those former pieces of himself added a whole new level of coolness. And his fashion looked awesome throughout the video. And his abs is quite something as well.

At the start of the review, I mentioned that Kai is body rolling. But I just uncovered some information about that particular part of the dance (I think you know which part I am talking about). It is more of a hip grind, but it still looks like a tiny body roll from afar. The rest of the choreography looks really cool and sharp, which is expected from EXO’s main dancer.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.3/10

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