[Album Review] Peaches (2nd Mini Album) – Kai (EXO)

Kai is nominated for Best New Male Soloist and Mmmh is nominated for Best Male Choreography – Solo in the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. His group, EXO, and some of his fellow members are also nominated in a number of categories. Support Kai and EXO by clicking here to vote today!

Next up on the album review front is Kai’s latest mini-album, Peaches, which was released on November 30, exactly a year from his solo debut with Mmmh and Kai (the debut mini-album). The new mini-album is lead by the title track Peaches, and also features another five new tracks from Kai. You might notice that this is a newer release, compared to the albums in which I have recently reviewed (which were released a few months back). I have decided to fast track a few newer albums this month, so that I am not pushing too many of the ‘current’ albums out many months later, which might be the case due to the Christmas break. So without further ado, here is my album review for Peaches. (PS. Don’t worry, I am still writing up reviews for albums released a while back that I haven’t been able to review just yet!).

Peaches Album Cover

1. Peaches (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Peaches. (7/10)

2. VanillaVanilla is a very aesthetic song. Its minimalistic nature was very intriguing and you might pass the song off as a bare song. But I recommend you give Vanilla a detailed listen as it is a very charming song. I found the song to be quite peaceful and sensual at the same time. The latter obviously being something that is right up Kai’s wheelhouse. Peaceful doesn’t seem to be something I associate with Kai, and so Vanilla comes off as a pleasant surprise for me. Delving into the song’s elements, Vanilla is quite interesting, given that the atmospheric instrumentation was actually percussion. But it was extremely subtle, but brought enough texture to the song to prevent it going into the ‘boring’ pile. The same can be said with the autotuned vocals, which was quite soft and so you barely noticed a disruption of Vanilla’s flow. The rest of his vocals follow the same softness, but also showcased some of Kai’s skills, and Vanilla’s simply repetitive hook was quite catchy. (8/10)

3. Domino – Prepare for a change in direction when you check out Domino. The peacefulness is out and is replaced with heavy bass and beat that would fit easily into a club setting. This is the style that I would associate more with Kai. I really like his deep tone during the chorus, and it proves to be a very memorable element of Domino. However, I do think Domino is very consistent throughout, and I wished the song changed it up a bit towards the end or introduced something to the song to cut the consistency. I can see myself getting tired of the song if it is played on a loop or I replay it too many times. (7.5/10)

4. Come InCome In kicks up the album a notch in terms of its volume. Everything in Come In is a lot louder and vibrant, compared to the song that preceded it. I like the pulsing beat, the bass and the textural synths used in this song. It all comes together to create quite a dynamic background. The chorus, in particular, definitely captures that dynamism really well. While Kai’s vocals were more typical in this song, I still found its pairing with Come In’s instrumentation to be captivating and a worthwhile listen. (8/10)

5. To Be Honest – The album’s most upbeat track comes in the form of To Be Honest. It instantly became a highlight for me as it made me dance along (in my chair) the first time I heard it. And while such feelings tend to rub off over time, that urge to dance has remained during subsequent listens. To Be Honest is a pretty straight forward song, with nothing special in the pop instrumentation or Kai’s vocals. But being straight forward isn’t necessarily a bad thing al the time, and I feel that To Be Honest proves that this time around. (9/10)

6. Blue – The album tones it back down for its final song. Blue is a R&B song, and once again, is pretty straight forward. I really like his vocals in this track, simply because it was extremely satisfying to hear him with such melodies and ad-libs. The instrumentation was pretty much typical for a R&B song, but I did note that I liked its breezy exterior. Overall, a decent ender to the album that I think sums up the album well. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.8/10

Peaches Teaser Image

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