[Review] Fireworks (I’m The One) – ATEEZ

Kickstarting this week with the comebacks and debuts is ATEEZ. The male group, known for their powerful performances and amazing skills on stage, have been growing in popularity. Top performances on Immortal Song and high expectations for their upcoming appearance on Kingdom have been driving this growth in the last few months of 2020. This combined with their Inception comeback earlier in the year definitely makes ATEEZ become one of the groups to look out for this year. Today, the group returns with part two of their Zero: Fever series, which features their latest title track, Fireworks (I’m The One).

As mentioned a moment ago, there is high expectations for ATEEZ with this song. And I feel that ATEEZ really hits the mark with this song. Fireworks (I’m The One) really knows how to build intensity. But let’s start from the beginning. The opening verse didn’t really do much for me. The hip-hop infused trap instrumentation and their heavily autotuned vocals felt sluggish and dry. To me, it felt like a hurdle that I had to get over to get the more filling and promising sections. The song takes a turn when Mingi (His hiatus continues. But from what I understood from the comeback announcement, he popped into to participate in recording for the album) starts rapping and it starts building that intensity I mentioned before. The intensity flows into the first part of the chorus with the song opting for powerful yet a relatively slow tempo. It feels like it was weighted down. What is really great about this first part is that it continues to build up, leading to the second half of the chorus. Here, we are blasted with energy when the EDM comes into play and the intensity peaks. The vocal work and rapping in the song is quite fine, but I found some of the vocals in the verses too heavily autotuned for my liking. I personally didn’t think the song needed that degree of autotune in the verses, especially in the song’s slower moments. The repetition of the ‘Bulnoriya‘ during the more intense half of the chorus really caught on for me, making that section even more memorable. Aside from the opening verse, I really enjoyed the journey that the Fireworks took me on in terms of energy and intensity. Definitely a fulfilling song.

I will be completely honest, I have no idea what is going on in the music video. Obviously, as the mini-albums form part of a series, the music video for Fireworks connect somehow with Inception‘s video. I just cannot pinpoint how, or if I am making a leaping assumption. But that figure in red at the very end looks very intriguing (unsure who that is meant to represent. I did think Mingi, as he is not part of the music video). Aside from the storyline, I really enjoyed the dystopian setting of the video caused by a massive sandstorm. Whatever story is moulded into the video will probably be a good one, given its premise. The emphasis on the colour brown throughout this video actually comes off quite edgy and industrial. I am also glad they included fireworks in this music video, given that the song is titled Fireworks. They definitely captialised on its presence by using it during the final peak of the song, which helps relay a more explosive atmosphere.

As usual, the choreography for this comeback is top notch. It looks aggressive for the most part and a definitely tiring workout during the song’s more intense moments. While I can only judge the performance section of this review on what I see in the music video, I think their facial expressions will play a very big part in captivating the audience during their stage performances. Their facial expressions in the music video definitely play their part in making the video more alluring.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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