[Review] Get Away – VERIVERY

The next group making their comeback this week is VERIVERY. 2020 was one busy year for the male group, with three comebacks in the one year (Lay Back, Thunder and G.B,T.B.), all forming part of their FACE IT trilogy. The group also participated on Road To Kingdom, where they made it to the final round/episode and released Beautiful-x as part of the competition. Now, with the busy year behind them, VERIVERY turns to a new chapter with yesterday’s release of Get Away. It appears the group has also started a new album series, with their latest single album titled Series ‘O’ Round 1: Hall. The first part of the name suggestion new instalments to a new series once again.

Get Away‘s initial verse was definitely captivating. I really liked the whisper-like/higher pitched vocals and the stripped back nature of the instrumentation. What was definitely dominating during the first verse were the trap beats. Interesting texture and a very mysterious vibe arises as a result. The song builds slowly as it progressed closer to the chorus, with more of the instrumentation coming back and the vocals were becoming more amplified. Rapping was introduced as a last pitch, before an even more mysterious horn sounds. So far so good. The chorus is what drags the song down for me. I wished it wasn’t just an extension of everything I had just mentioned. Further amplification of every element of Get Away thus far. Usually, I would like this. But it felt too predictable and just lacked excitement, especially after that horn really caught my attention. What I do like about it, however, is that the intensity peaked and every element did feel satisfying. The second verse doesn’t necessarily return to that stripped back instrumentation, opting for something that felt in-between the first verse and the chorus. The vocals and rapping in this section did seem to stall, in terms of building trajectory. But like the chorus, satisfying would be the word I use to describe them. The bridge does take a bit of a reverse turn by going back to that stripped back nature of the instrumentation, which really drew my attention to Donghyun’s rapping. But the song reverted back to a buildup to the song’s chorus quite quickly. Overall, I felt the song had some good moments. But when it mattered most, I was left disappointed with the result. I wished Get Away had more curveballs to keep myself on the tips of my toes, as that would have given me more to really talk about.

Since the release on Wednesday, I have watched the music video a number of times. But yet, I don’t understand what is going on. From what I did see, it looks like we are dealing with two version of the group once again. The first version of the group are the ‘campers’, who received a special invitation to leads them to a dark place. This dark place is essentially where they get drugged after eating the spread of food on the table, which I assume resulted in their kidnap. The other version is watching the ‘campers’ through TV screens. While they see their plan is succeeding, they celebrate. But it seems like there is a bit of conflict between the members, with some members potentially being killed within second by Donghyun if it wasn’t for Hoyoung stopping the fight and seemingly remind everyone why they were all there. Once all the ‘campers’ were knocked out, it seems like the ‘other version’ of VERIVERY replaces them in the real world. At the very end, we do see a figure wearing white walk down a spiral building. This person could be Minchan (who is currently on hiatus and is not part of this comeback), who I believed was kidnapped at the start. Why was he kidnapped first? I have no theory for this. We don’t see a Minchan in the ‘other version’ of the group, so maybe the ‘other version’ of Minchan decided to betray the rest of the ‘other version’ to protect the real Minchan, and so the real Minchan could save the rest of his members? It is interesting though, as we see seven chairs and seven beds throughout the video, implying that the Minchans were meant to be with their respective groups. It was also a nice way to include the missing member in the video. Overall, a complicated video. But an interesting story to probably dive into once we get more of it.

I really like the mature side that the members showed through this comeback. There was a masculine and sensual feel to their moves, but in a subtle manner. I particularly liked the final chorus routine, where their moves were timed to be in sync as per the additional beats/percussion in the song during the sequence. As a result, there was some jaggered footwork at one point, which I thought looked really cool and hard to make everyone be synchronised with one another.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10

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