[Review] Ponzona – PURPLE KISS

After teasing us with two pre-release singles, My Heart Skip A Beat and Can We Talk Again, PURPLE KISS has finally made their debut with Ponzona (‘Poison’ in Spanish), today. For those who are unfamiliar with the group, PURPLE KISS is a seven-member female group from RBW Entertainment, which is the home of MAMAMOO, ONEUS and ONEWE. The seven members that make up the new group are Park Jieun, Na Goeun, Dosie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein and Swan. On a side note, I have yet to review those two pre-release tracks. I do intend on reviewing them and will get around to them soon. Aside from that, let’s have a closer listen and look at Ponzona.

Based on sound alone, PURPLE KISS’s debut single sounds very unique. There was this very mysterious, intriguing but ultimately edgy vibe to their overall sound, which I thought was an interesting blend of emotions that helped made Ponzona very appealing. On top of that, I also like how bold and intense the fusion urban hip-hop instrumental felt. That dance break was something very different to what I am used to and shows off a unique flair. It definitely captivated. I also liked the use of classical instrumentation and the piano throughout the song. that helped the song come off as artistic and aesthetic. The only concern I had with the song was its pace. I thought it was sluggish in the verses and some of the choruses. I know they really tried to intensify all of that mysteriousness and edgy vibes by using this technique. But I felt that this backfired slightly and drained some of that energy from the song. Aside from instrumentation, I really want to draw attention to their delivery in Ponzona. The vocals are superb. Coming from RBW Entertainment, I definitely had high expectations for the group in this department and they literally met that expectation with ease. That growl by the member who sings ‘Purple‘ at the end of the chorus really catches my attention. The members who participated in the pre-chorus also delivered smashing vocals that blew me away. The rapping was equally as strong and really gave the song more of that intense kick that notable rappers always give off in their personal songs. Ponzona really catches my attention from the get-go and I am definitely excited to hear what they have in store next for us listeners!

To match that mysterious and edgy vibe, the music video that accompanies the release of Ponzona did an excellent job of showcasing those same vibes in a visual manner. And they did so with the addition of a creepy aura which really sends a statement to viewers who are coming to see the members/release for the first time. While I am not sure if all the scenes are meant to connect to tell a story. But I feel the common message is that these girls are very powerful, sought after by followers and even the devil (or an evil creature) bowing down to one of the members as well. I also liked how their use of purple isn’t too overwhelming. I would have expected the video to be somewhat saturated with the colour, given that it was their debut and you would want your name to be known. But it was used sparingly and in a refined manner.

I liked how those vibes I mentioned above were also reflected in the choreography. I really like the introductory sequence to the choreography, with its robotic like movements. I also enjoyed the boldness of the dance break, matching that paced nature of the song, but also showing more of that unique flair that I mentioned in the song section of this review.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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