[Review] DO or NOT – Pentagon

Another group making their return this week is Pentagon. They make their welcomed return with DO or NOT, the title track off their 11th mini-album LOVE or TAKE. It follows the release of their hit Daisy, which earned them with their first music show win since debut. This comeback is also without Hui, who enlisted a month ago after his original enlistment was postponed due to COVID-19. You will still be able to hear Hui’s vocals in the song for this comeback and you will also see him in the music video. But he will not be participating in promotions. Apart from that temporary lineup change, Pentagon continues to power through with DO or NOT.

The title track opens with really nice harmonisation. Hui leads this part, with the rest of the group harmonising in the background. It is a very delicate start and draws your attention to the vocals. Some whistling appears out of nowhere in this section, but it manages to create a segueway between the intro of the song to the main body. The main body of DO or NOT has a bit more substance with its pop sound, ultimately peaking during the chorus. I really like the bass in the verse, which felt like the energy of the song was brewing in the background. That brewing energy become apparent in the chorus, where band instrumentation livens up the song, and creates a very fun and lively atmosphere. The rest of the song follows a similar profile. Vocally, I don’t think it is their most impressive showcase of vocals. But the vocals were still pretty good and solid nonetheless. The vocals do enjoy some enhancement thanks to the energy from the instrumentation that I have already spoken about and the really catchy melodies of the song. DO or NOT also has some really addictive hooks that really help make the song more memorable. The rapping by Wooseok and Yuto were also pretty good, adding some more oomph to the energy of the song with their deeper and raspy tones. Overall, I think the song was a really strong showing from the members. To me, the best element of the song has to be the energy they created with DO or NOT, which brought a feel-good vibe and was something I constantly revisited as you may have noticed above.

The song’s lyrics depict the guys as cool and laidback in a relationship (or a potential relationship). They say they don’t care what their partner does next, but ultimately the guys are in love with their partner. And the music video shows just that as well. We see the female get a text message and she rushes away from the members to answer. And this starts a whole bunch of events which show the guys pretending not to care. But they end up chasing after her and being around her while they ask her to pick who she wants to be with whilst pretending to be cool. At the end of the video, we see the guys sitting around the couch like at the start of the video, with the exception of their crush, who I am assuming has chosen someone else over them. You can see the disappointment in their faces. Apart from the storyline, I really like the how the music video reflected the song’s upbeat energy. I also enjoyed the splash of colour throughout the video.

I really like the playful vibes they brought to the stage with the performance. I compared two of their performances and noted that for one of them, the members seemed to be very cautious (I am guess the set they are performing on isn’t made for dance performances) and toned down the energy considerably. It made the performance awkward to watch. The other performance was a lot more lively and more fun as their movement was not bound by caution. And it is this energy that I really enjoy from Pentagon’s performance that I hope they stick with in the future.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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