[Album Review] UNNATURAL (9th Mini Album) – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

As promised during last week’s review of WJSN The Black’s review for Easy, I would be looking at WJSN’s latest mini-album this weekend. Well, that review comes today! This full group comeback (excluding Cheng Xiao, Meiqi Xuanyi due to scheduling conflicts) shares the name Unnatural for both the title track and the album’s name. Both of which were released at the end of March. This is another strong comeback from the group, who consistently have put out great title tracks and albums. Their last full group comeback was back in June 2020 with Neverland (headlined by Butterfly). Let’s see how the indivdual songs faired on Unnatural.

Unnnatural Album Cover

1. Unnatural (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Unnatural. (9/10)

2. Last Dance Last Dance continues the mature vibes from Unnatural. It is also my favourite side track from the album. There was a lot to like in this song. To me, the instrumentation in this song was pretty much perfect. Nothing felt out of place, underwhelmed or overwhelmed. The synths employed were more to the harsh side of the spectrum, but they came together to make a fulfilling backdrop. They used this to create the peak of the song, which I thought was smart. I really like the catchy nature of the chorus, and how the melodies came off as soft but you can still hear them over the loudness of the synths. The rapping in this song really showed some edgy flair, which I also really enjoyed. (10/10)

3. Super Moon (원하는 모든 걸) – The next song loses the serious tone that the preceding mature tracks had. Super Moon takes us back to familiar territory for the group, reminding me of their Boogie Up days. The instrumentation is very vibrant and feels fitting for the initial period of Summer. I really like the texture component of the pre-chorus, which brought some depth to the song and contrasts with the light approach WJSN had opted for in the chorus. I also enjoyed the electronic infusion of synths that preceded the final chorus, giving a bit of zing to the song as it approached its end. I just wished Super Moon had a more dynamic and catchier hook to really push this song to a new level of appeal. (9/10)

4. New MeNew Me promises a sexier side of the group, based on how the song sounds. This is probably unexplored territory for the group, given their well-known fantastical sound that they started their careers off with. I can imagine a really sleek and sensual performance to accompany New Me on stage. The retro instrumentation was very alluring. I enjoyed the rapping in this song (particularly just before the first and final choruses), but felt the vocals were a bit plain. I really like the whole concept of that extra bit at the end after they had supposedly wrapped up New Me. It isn’t new per say, but they are rare in KPOP dance music. But it works well with that alluring side of the song, teasing us just a bit longer. (8/10)

5. Yalla (음) – For me, Yalla’s main appeal point is the chorus. The first half of the chorus is made up of broken up synths that come together to create a bold and aesthetically messy centre-piece. This is followed up with bold vocals and sweet harmonies. I also really like the groovy nature of the rest of the instrumentation. But that is if I were to treat the chorus as its own song. When I consider the entire song as a whole, I want the chorus somehow pops out more. It is different, but it lacks definition. It needed to be bolstered up to be more out there. Instead, Yalla stays relatively neutral despite having a potentially mindblowing and wowing arsenal. (8/10)

6. Rewind (잊지 마 (나의 우주)) – The album ends with the mandatory ballad that is expected on all KPOP albums. It is backdropped by a piano-centric instrumental, which built up to include other classical instrumentation. Typical in many ways, but still stunning. Rewind boasts member’s the amazing vocals, which is without a doubt their best on the album. Especially in the chorus, they really  pierced their way through the song. I think the weakest moment of Rewind is the rapping. I don’t think the ballad needed a rap sequence and it disrupted the blissful flow of the song. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

Unnatural Teaser Image

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