[Review] Unnatural – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Another comeback from last week was made by WJSN otherwise known as Cosmic Girls. They made their long awaited comeback with Unnatural as the title track and their ninth mini-album that shares the same name. This comes after almost a year after previous comeback as a full group with Butterfly and the mini-album Neverland. After their only 2020 comeback, members Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum, and Dayoung formed WJSN’s first subunit, WJSN Chocome, which went on to release the single Hmph! in October of last year.

Unnatural seems to be what I have been wanting from WJSN for a while now. A really well-done comeback title track that taps into the group’s mature side. A few of their past comebacks have done just that. But I feel like Unnatural is really the peak of what they have attempted thus far. That being said, Unnatural still taps into WJSN usual style of KPOP music. There is a lot to like about Unnatural. First of all are the vocals. To me, the bulk of the verses were quite plain at first glance. But the vocals are what really reeled me in from said verses. They opt for a more powerful delivery, which adds that needed oomph to make the verses more attractive. This does come with some setbacks however, as the members sound like they are straining their vocals to make it work. But I do think it pays off. The second really attractive aspect of the song is its pre-chorus. It is a twist that just comes unexpectedly, but also adds so much flair and texture to the song. It is Unnatural‘s biggest selling point and it seems like it has attracted a lot of attention from fans. The third promising aspect of the song is the explosive chorus that follows right after that pre-chorus. The stripped back manner of the pre-chorus heightens the chorus and the powerful vocals (although continues to be strained) really helps make the chorus appear more impactful. The fourth aspect is the bridge, which is a combination of the already mentioned vocals and pre-chorus instrumentation. I do find the pre-chorus backing here is slightly stronger, leading the song to its peak. Finally, the return of the pre-chorus instrumentation and the vocal layer that finished up the song gave Unnatural that last second push of a changeup, yet still keeping true to the roots of the song. Overall, there was a fair bit to enjoy in Unnatural, with all of the appeal came naturally to WJSN.

The music video portrays those mature vibes the song exuded in a very vibrant manner. Their visuals were well shown throughout the video. However, aside from all of that, I don’t have much else to say about the music video. I found it to be plain and typical for the most part. There isn’t much going on the video apart from the closeup and choreography formula. Usually I would have something more to say about the sets, outfits or overall ambience. But the music video for Unnatural just felt like it was something we have seen before.

The choreography is good. But I wished they were bolder with their moves and the choreography. It would have made the routine even better. Something that shows more confidence and intensity would be what I am after, as this would have been more fitting for the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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