[Review] Make It – 2PM

Kick starting this week’s comeback rush is 2PM, with their long awaited return with Make It. For those who don’t 2PM, they are a second generation male group signed to JYP Entertainment who were known back in the day as beast-dols (as they brought really masculine and powerful choreography to the stage during their heyday). We last saw the group in full in September 2016 with Promise (I’ll Be). Since then, the members (aside from Nickhun) enlisted into the military, and progressed their solo music and acting careers. In late 2020, the group resurfaced with their 2015 single My House. And today, the group returns with their 7th studio length album, Must, since their debut in 2008, and the title track Make It.

Right off the bat, 2PM’s new song encapsulates what I feel are the charms of the groups in their more recent releases. While they were known for their beast-like looks, concepts and physiques back in the day, the group have matured into a more sexy type of sound. And I feel Make It really concentrates that vibe. But it is not a sexy sensual sound. Make It feels more flirty and playful in that manner. And this set up reminds me of My House. All very suitable for 2PM. Music wise, Make It is simple. It isn’t as complicated like some of their previous tracks. The song opens with up some clangy guitar sounds, which reminded me of when you strum more tighter parts of the guitar. This effect progresses into acoustic guitar soon after, and then later some piano work. What spokes volumes in this part (the first verse) are the members’ vocals. They felt extremely clear and crisp, not muddled by vocal processing and other effects that we commonly get in today’s music. I appreciate that, quite a bit. And it is definitely nice to hear 2PM in their full glory once again. The chorus takes the song up a level, by giving us more bass and more of a beat to cling onto. It adds a bit of a bounce, which is a great contrast and differentiation point the verses. There is also a bit of saxophone (the ultimate instrument that completes any ‘sexy’ song) in the chorus. The melodies are quite enjoyable and adds a smoothness to the chorus that I find quite appealing. Following the first verse is Taecyeon’s raps. There are two things I like about this rap sequence. Firstly, it is layered over the top of the same instrumentation from the start. For once the rap sequence fitted right in perfectly without changing the flow of the song in any way. I also like the classy feel that Taecyeon’s deliver gives. When you think of rapping, you think if speed and intensity. But Taecyeon’s rap sequence does not give into either, hence why I feel it felt classy and mature. While I am talking about the rapper, he is also my pick for standout member in the song. His husky vocals during the first half of the final chorus was definitely fitting for the song’s concept that I had outlined above, and it really drew me into the song as it was practically a breathtaking moment. But the other member’s must also be commended for their amazing vocals as well. Overall, Make It definitely ensures that it is a simple song. It might be boring for some (I do acknowledge this, as it may not have the really catchy hook or addictive energy that other songs out at the moment have), but Make It is like a blank canvas that shows off the members’ charms for this highly anticipated return.

Make It is all about this pull that cannot be avoided. And in the music video, they just cannot avoid the pull that the lead actress has. Even in an apocalyptic event involving meteors crashing down just metres away from you and the rest of the world running away from the danger. I thought it was funny, but it does work well with the lyrics of the song. I like how they brought that flirty vibe I mentioned from the song into the music video. Taecyeon’s solo with the actress with his arm on the wall, cornering her was probably the most smoothest in the video. Junho’s solo with the actress was the weirdest, with his un-bottoned top buttons and water spraying on him.

It is great to see 2PM perform on stage once again. For this routine, similar comments about it being sexy and flirty at the same time can be applied. I might also throw in a classy descriptor for the choreography, as it felt that way as well. But what makes this performance even better is the charisma and stage presence that they managed to showcase. They have been on stage for 12 years now and they still got it, even after a five year break!

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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