[Album Review] SIREN: DAWN (5th Mini Album) – A.C.E

As you may know, I have been fretting about how behind I am with reviews! Well, here is a second album review! It is for A.C.E’s fifth mini-album, SIREN: DAWN, which was dropped in June of this year. It features the title track Higher and four other songs (including an intro track, which I wrote something about but did not include in the final rating). A.C.E also recently returned with a repackaged version of their fifth mini-album (Changer : Dear Eris) more recently, but all tracks on SIREN: DAWN does not feature on the repackaged version. Instead, the repackaged version includes some new tracks and alternative/new versions of some of their past songs. I have decided that I will not review the repackaged version, but I highly recommend the title track, Changer, if you still after an A.C.E fix. Otherwise, here is my review for SIREN: DAWN.

SIREN: DAWN Album Cover

1. INTRO : Miserere Mei Deus (We Fall Down) – How haunting and suspenseful is this intro track. There is always something about orchestral choir that sends shivers down my back, and I feel this intro track really reiterates that feeling. I also felt that the intro track fits in neatly with the concept pictures that were released to help tease this comeback.

2. AtlantisAtlantis is an alternative rock track that is quite consistent through and through. I like the subtle intensity that Atlantis has and I feel that the alternative rock in this song goes in the direction that I like. I also enjoyed the vocals in this song, which were moody and heavy, suiting the song’s tone. However, I wished that Atlantis wasn’t as consistent as it was, and that the climax was more fulfilling. I was mildly disappointed with the climax, as it made the song feel like it didn’t progress or go anywhere. (7/10)

3. HigherClick here to read the full review for Higher. (8/10)

4. Chasing LoveChasing Love started off as a moody R&B track. Nothing that special or mind-blowing, but the vocals and sing-rap were definitely captivating. There was a clear indication that the song was in an incline direction, however what the song ended up developing into was unexpected. The vibrant string synths in the chorus brought in a fresh kick that I enjoyed and was surprised by. I liked how the second verse maintained that vibrancy in its sound, allowing the vocals to build and add flair. The bridge was also a nice pause, with the acceleration to the final chorus being quite satisfying and impactful. Quite a dynamic and catchy track. (10/10)

5. Story – I like the chilled side of Story, which is ultimately a pop ballad. It creates an ethereal atmosphere and is quite alluring to listen to. Story shows off the group’s vocals abilities, which I have highlighted in the past before. In Story, their vocals are breathtaking in this song, especially when they sing together. The harmonies, falsettos and melodies that they bring to life are just so stunning. It also makes for a great album closer and eases you off the album in a very pleasant and nonchalant manner. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.8/10

SIREN: DAWN Teaser Image

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