[Review] Changer – A.C.E

Excuse me while I skip back and forth on the blog to catch up on reviews. Next up is A.C.E.’s comeback, Changer. It is the title track off their second repackaged album and is titled Changer: Dear Eris. This follows the mini-album that they released back in in June (Siren: Dawn – which I have yet to review, but it’s coming soon) and the title track, Higher. Unlike other repackaged albums, this one is not related to Siren: Dawn. In fact, Changer: Dear Eris features a tracklist of new songs that we have not heard before alongside Changer, such as the Korean version of Down (which was a collaboration that A.C.E participated in with American duo Grey earlier this year) and remixes of Cactus (their debut single) amongst other new tracks. This form of a repackaged album (more so compilation album) might be a temporary parting gift from A.C.E to their fans, as members Wow and Donghun are confirmed to be enlisting later this month. But anyhow, it is new music from A.C.E, so I am not complaining. Here is my review for Changer.

While Changer still falls into EDM realm of music, it is noticeably lighter in tone than comparison to some of their more well known works. This might be due to the more sentimental route their lyrics took, which features a message about staying together forever (which undoubtedly is a promise to fans about continuing promotions as a group after the military enlistment that all the members would need to go through). But saying that, it isn’t an emotional release from the group in the sense that it is heart wrenching or tear-inducing. Changer still manages to put a fun spin on the topic by remaining upbeat and bright. It also brings forth some elements within it that reminds me of A.C.E’s earlier works. Some of it may be subtle, such as the post-chorus, which felt harsh relative to the rest of the song resembling some of their crazier EDM drops from early on in their careers. Others are more obvious, such as the heavy beat that accompanies the more typical tropical synths in this song, which reminds me of their more intense releases. In Changer, this heavy beat as it gives the song some much needed oomph and bite to it. The chorus of Changer was definitely showcased the group’s vocals, with Chan delivering one of the song’s many memorable moments (i.e. the ‘da‘ that he sings at the end of one of his lines). Other memorable moments include the song’s addictive post-chorus hook (which I already mentioned, but requires more attention) that is on repeat in my head after the song wraps up each time, Donghun’s stunning high note at the start of the final chorus and Wow’s rap sequence (which has great momentum). I think everything that I have described so far makes Changer another strong release from the group.

There is no amazing or aesthetically pleasing concept for this comeback that A.C.E had previously teased through their more recent comebacks. But that isn’t at all disappointing. Changer‘s music video looks like it is for fans, as we can see the members having fun with one another and enjoying the company of one another. And given the song’s lyrics, I am sure they are also having fun with their fans in their mind as well (whom have enabled A.C.E the chance to have this opportunity). It definitely suits the groups more lighthearted approach with this comeback and the overall timing before the fast approaching military enlistments that were announced recently. There are also some funny bits that make this video even more special for fans.

For some odd reason, I couldn’t stop smiling at this performance. I guess the song and choreography really comes together to give off such an atmosphere that makes it smile-inducing for me. It is a good choreography overall. Nothing too special or outstanding, but I really like the choreography that is paired with the little extension we got at the end of the song after the final chorus and the post-chorus hook.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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