[Review] mumumumuch – Mamamoo

Mamamoo probably had their least memorable comeback in their entire career earlier this year with Where Are We Now. I personally thought it was decent comeback for the group. But promotions for the track didn’t last long and there wasn’t much hype for the comeback with pre-releases and other promotional material. I guess this was partly due to the limbo the group had faced at the time of release (Wheein was still negotiating her contract with RBW). Well, the good news is that Mamamoo is here to stay after Wheein resigned with RBW for group promotions, but will be managed as a solo artist under AOMG. I guess with that confirmation and a seven year career to look back on makes way for a compilation album, I Say Mamamoo: The Best, which they dropped yesterday. It features a lot of new versions of their past hits and the latest single, mumumumuch.

mumumumuch is another light and pleasant song to come out this week. It takes on a retro funky pop sound, which gives the song a bit of life. But like yesterday’s review, I felt that mumumumuch was far too light in all regards, and hence the song didn’t hold or captivate me. Honestly, I delayed the review of this song by a day in hopes that my initial thoughts on the song would change, but the lightness was just too prevalent. It was okay at the start, given the opening sequence felt more so like it was in ballad territory. To go on a funk spree right after would feel a bit overwhelming. But as the song progressed, I wished it had picked up more and became more substantial and fulfilling. The chorus does seem to go in that direction, but unfortunately not as much as I had hoped for. And the rest of the song then just carried on then exactly how it started, There was a bit going on the percussion side of the song, which helped keep the song a bit interesting. But it just weren’t enough to keep me interested. The vocals were nice throughout mumumumuch, breathy and breezy. Wheein’s ‘Beast‘ was a cute (but terrifying at first) addition to the song. There were also some nice melodies. But with the instrumental, the vocals were just too lightweight for my liking. I wished the vocals had a bit more heft. I felt mumumumuch was an excellent opportunity for Moonbyul to rap in a more powerful manner, and I felt that Mamamoo could have granted some of that ‘heft’ wish via this element. I also thought it was odd that mumumumuch lacked a substantial hook. I didn’t find anything within mumumumuch that was worthy of being labelled as a hook, as anything that could have had potential was whisked away by the lightness of the song. Overall, mumumumuch is a decent song. But it also falls in some areas, thanks to the lightweight of the track.

To match the light energy of mumumumuch, the music video was quite pleasant. Nothing really special happened in the music video, just we saw the members have a bit of fun and enjoy each other company’s. I get the impression that the group went on a road trip and their company decided to film a music video then and there. It doesn’t really trouble me, but it isn’t the most exciting idea in the world. I am also not a fan of that light hazy filter they put on the video. It was subtle, but it felt like it dulled the video a tad too much for me.

My understanding is that the group performed this track for the first time at their recent online concert. It featured a pleasant and fitting routine. I don’t think anything else can be or needs to be said about the routine.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

7 thoughts on “[Review] mumumumuch – Mamamoo

  1. Um, hello? Jazz Mamamoo makes a comeback? I mean, yeah, but not the one I have in mind like “Piano Man” which I like. After you pointed out how lightweight the song feels, I agree. It’s hard to find a hook to latch onto. It’s a chill song to listen to which is nice, but that’s about it unfortunately.
    Though I appreciate the hint of guitar riffs, percussion and strings (I’m a sucker for those), though are always nice 🙂

    Speaking of the compilation album… Can we talk about the rock version of “gogobebe”? That cover is such a banger!

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    1. I was listening to the compilation album last night and today and I think all the new versions are a banger. Most notably, the orchestral versions of Paint Me and Starry Night, rock version of Gogobebe, dramatic version of Wind Flower and the Funk boost version of Yes I Am were probably the most memorable and iconic ones on the already amazing lineup of hits!


    1. Fair enough. I didn’t mind the outfits. As I said, it felt like a video was filmed while the members were on a trip, so something casual like what they wore worked for me 🙂

      (So you are this ‘Someone’ I see commenting so often. I always wondered how someone could post anonymously as I didn’t think it was possible.)


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