[Album Review] Summer Holiday (2nd Special Mini Album) – Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher returned at the very end of July with BEcause (as the title track) and the special mini-album, Summer Holiday. While BEcause aligns with Dream Catcher’s usual sound, the rest of the mini-album is quite a journey that I am sure you will enjoy, as the group delves into different genres for each of their songs. Continue reading to find out which genres the group went with for this special mini-album. More recently, Dream Catcher released their sixth mini-album, Dystopia: Road to Utopia (which I have reviewed, click the link to read that album review), headlined by the title track, Odd Eye.

Summer Holiday Album Cover

1. Intro – The intro begins with the sound of fans (cooling fans), followed by someone entering the store (as you can hear the clickity clacks of someone’s shoes walk). The music then takes a slight dramatic turn that feels very up Dream Catcher’s alley, with it being bold, creepy (definitely terms that go hand-in-hand with Dream Catcher’s music profile), but also sophisticated and mature.

2. BEcause (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of BEcause. (8.5/10)

3. Airplane – Bright releases aren’t something that we really speak about when the topic revolves around Dream Catcher. But Airplane is just that. It is a summery pop track that ticks a lot of boxes, including bright (as already mentioned), upbeat, fun-sounding and refreshing. I liked the guitars in the background and all the synths in the song that reminds me of 80s pop music. Vocally, the song is pretty decent, but the rapping felt most fitting for the song. (9/10)

4. WhistleWhistle takes us back to familiar territory. Compared to Airplane, this song is much more serious and mature. Whistle taps into EDM for majority of the instrumentation in the song, but there are some stillness during the song’s quieter moments. I also find the EDM, particularly during the bridge of the song, is reminiscent of EDM we heard back in the ‘00s. The whistling makes a lot of sense, and helped bring a lightness to the EDM track. The vocals made the song breezier and brought an appropriate pop melody to the song. It was a pleasant listen that I really enjoyed. (10/10)

5. Alldaylong – Another song, another genre. This time around, Alldaylong delves into city-pop. Like the genre, Alldaylong was a very light track and it also shows off the group’s ability to do more delicate songs (as I feel we associate rock and heavy EDM with the group more often). I liked the ‘surround’ sound processing that were applied on top of the vocals. It definitely made it feel more city-pop. It isn’t their most notable track on the album, but definitely a worthwhile change up in their sound. (8/10)

6. A Heart of Sunflower – Given the variety of genres on this album, I was expecting a ballad to come our way. And for this album, it comes in the form of A Heart of Sunflower. This ballad had everything when it comes to ballads. From the acoustics that started off the song and remained throughout A Heart of Sunflower, to the orchestral touch via strings, to the peak using more orchestral elements and electric guitars. The vocals are very delicate and touching. If anything, I wished the song had more harmonies. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.9/10

Summer Holiday Teaser Image

One thought on “[Album Review] Summer Holiday (2nd Special Mini Album) – Dream Catcher

  1. Damn Kpopreviewed you are on a roll (can’t believe you’re going to release 8 album reviews)!

    I knew “Whistle” is going to be a standout when I heard the highlight medley (and the song did not disappoint!), but I was really surprised at how strong this mini was. Might be my favourite Dreamcatcher mini! Thanks Leez and Ollounder 😀
    It’s my favourite bside of this mini too!

    Oh you’re so right about “Airplane”. That’s definitely a song we will NOT expect from Dreamcatcher given the image they have been molding themselves throughout their entire career. I guess that’s a testament to how consistent the group has been that a song like “Airplane” will be a surprise (whether it’s good or bad for Dreamcatcher fans). I do agree with you that it’s such a refreshing song!

    All in all, it’s definitely a very experimental album that tests so many music identities we wouldn’t ever think of Dreamcatcher ever doing and yet it’s one of the group’s most interesting and fun projects we’ve had in a while. BEcause is great, but a bit of experimentation is greatly appreciated. There’s a track within this mini that leaves room for at least one track to like for everyone 🙂


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