[Review] Eternal Sunshine – ATEEZ

Kicking off this new week in the KPOP industry is ATEEZ’s music video release for Eternal Sunshine. As this single now has a music video, it is eligible for a full review on my blog, which is the purpose of this post. Eternal Sunshine was one of the contenders for the main promotional track for Zero: Fever Part 3, which was released in mid-September. But it was outvoted by Deja Vu, which was admittedly expected given Deja Vu aligned with ATEEZ’s image and profile more. But as I predicted in that review, the music video for Eternal Sunshine would still be released. On a quick side note before I jump into reviewing the song, if you are still after an ATEEZ fix, keep your eyes open for my album review, which I will be posting later today.

For ATEEZ’s range of title tracks, Eternal Sunshine is very much unexplored territory for the group. The song opts for the synth-pop subgenre that comes off as energetic and refreshing. Usually, we get very intense and edgy sounds from the group, so this is definitely a new and refreshing take on the ATEEZ we know. For the most part, I think it is a solid track. It is well suited for summer and is much more colourful than anything we have heard from the group before. The vocals were very nice and allowed the vocalists to explore pop with their melodies. The rapping was also decent, bringing more of a 90s influence via their delivery. The same can also be said about the chanty anthem that formed the bridge, which also felt like a substantial throwback to that same era and had good energy. The electronic humming was a great centrepiece of Eternal Sunshine and was quite memorable. However I think there were ways that ATEEZ and their producers could have made Eternal Sunshine more bold. The song lacked a climax. We got a high note from Jongho, which usually signifies a climax. But it just wasn’t exciting enough for me. I also wished they changed up the instrumentation a bit in the final chorus to spice up the song a bit and somehow close the song in a much profound manner. Eternal Sunshine, even though is new ground for the group, could have been better, with what we got being fulfilling but not gratifying.

To match the refreshing and summery tone of the song, the music video was extremely bright, vibrant and colourful. It definitely made the video very appealing to watch. The sun is constantly shining, which makes complete sense since the song is titled Eternal Sunshine. Out of all the scenes, I really liked Hongjoong’s solo scene, where he is being dragged across the train’s floor. It made me chuckle, but also added a lighthearted tone. This was reiterated towards the end of the video with all the members sitting on the floor and via their group scenes at the end of the video as well. The only confusing point in this video is the snow – not too sure what that represents. There is a line about Christmas in August, but I can’t really decipher that as well.

I feel that lighthearted tone of the music video also carried over into the performance aspect of this release. It also looked fun, energetic and the members looked like they were enjoying their time on stage, especially during the bridge of the performance. The moves didn’t feel intense, but the performance still carried that ATEEZ flair.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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