[Review] Deja Vu – ATEEZ

Now onwards with the start of the new week!! First comeback of the week is made by ATEEZ, who returns with the fan-chosen Deja Vu as the main title track for this comeback. This comeback is their first since Kingdom: Legendary War and also marks the return of member Mingi. For those who don’t know ATEEZ have allowed fans to choose the main title track for their comebacks since last year’s comeback, Inception. For this comeback, KQ Entertainment put forward Deja Vu and Eternal Summer as contenders for title track, with the former emerging victorious. I am sure Eternal Summer’s music video will still drop later on. But for now, here is my review for Deja Vu.

Out of the two options for fans to choose as the main title track for this comeback, Deja Vu was most aligned with what the group has put out previously. Anything that sounds intense and powerful sound is definitely within ATEEZ’s wheelhouse. Deja Vu opens with what sounds like some dull metallic clanging and the muffled version of the ‘Da Da Da‘ hook. Standard dance synths and effects are used throughout the verse and pre-chorus. The dull metallic clanging returns in the chorus as the main centre piece of the instrumental side, while the vocalists perform the chorus in a very straightforward manner. I think now is a good moment to pause, so I can point out one of the issues with Deja Vu. Everything so far has been very generic and unoriginal. They get ticks for good energy, but other that I am a little disappointed with the standard drive the song is in. The rapping in the second verse does help lift Deja Vu‘s game. Hongjoong’s whispery delivery of the first half of this rap sequence was very interesting, drives Deja Vu forward in ways that the rest of the song hasn’t, and stole the show for me. Mingi’s followup rap sequence follows a similar setup. But once the vocals sequence (at no fault of the vocalists themselves) kick back in, we are back in that standard frame. Thankfully, the bridge cuts the standardness by introducing orchestral touches and this brings concentrated dramatic flairs to the song. This effect felt much needed and lifted the song for me. It just made everything from the rappers and vocalists more impactful, giving Deja Vu that round out that satisfies. If that isn’t enough, then the rappers end the song with a post-chorus extension, which (for me) ends the song on a more positive note. Overall, I feel like Deja Vu is an ATEEZ track, but it falls more so the generic side of the spectrum for me.

Similar to the song, the music video felt pretty standard as well. To me, the music video follows the standard formula of choreography and closeup. There are scenes throughout the video that hints towards a storyline (there is a scene with one of the members wearing the black outfit/hat that they kicked off their universe with), but they don’t seem as prevalent and felt more so on the ‘back-burner’ for this comeback. However, that doesn’t make this a bad video. Like the song, the visual aspect of the video gets better as it goes along. We move from generic dance sets to more ‘adventurous’ locations. And the video gets more captivating when the members perform in the rain and we can see their superb charisma on camera.

Correct me if I am wrong, but we have seen Hongjoong use his microphone as a baton before. It looked oddly familiar. Anyhow, it was the start of the charisma overflow in the choreography, which always makes the performance so more captivating to watch. It is also nice to see Jongho participate on stage (I believe he was injured at the time of shooting the music video, and hence didn’t appear in the choreography parts of the MV). His absence was a noticeable gap in the MV, for me.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.1/10

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