Since their debut in 2020, it has been a traditional for CRAVITY to follow up promotions of their main title track with a side track off their latest album release. Following their debut, the group released promotional materials for Cloud 9, another song (other than Break All The Rules) off their debut mini-album. For their second mini-album, the group followed up with Ooh Ahh, while their third mini-album was followed up with Bad Habits. Today, CRAVITY returns with the release of a music video for VENI VIDI VICI, which follows up the release of Gas Pedal from their first ever studio album, The Awakening: Written in the Stars. An album review is being prepared as we speak. But ahead of that, here are my thoughts on VENI VIDI VICI.

Compared to their EDM-aligned title tracks, VENI VIDI VICI sounds much more sophisticated. It is quite an interesting dynamic to be honest. I do miss that striking nature and boldness that their title tracks have thanks to the EDM. But VENI VIDI VICI sounds a lot more mature (without really trying to sound mature at all), showing us a different side of CRAVITY we just haven’t really delved in yet. VENI VIDI VICI opens up with soft brass and guitar work, before soft vocals comes into play. As we progress through the verses, the song steps more into generic territory. But that changes once we approach the pre-chorus, which brings a heavier presence of those guitars (revealed to be electric guitars). I find the pre-chorus leads us appropriately into the chorus, which is more dance territory, but nothing like their EDM. Once again, it is definitely showcases a mature vibe, with the focus being on rather than the raps which is the usual centerpiece of their title tracks. The second verse is probably their least memorable sequence, with the raps going into trap territory and the pre-chorus is then repeated. The bridge focuses on instrumentation. Just when you thought the song would really amp up and return CRAVITY to EDM territory, the song throws a bit of a curveball. VENI VIDI VICI‘s bridge is a dance break and it does amp up, but it keeps itself in line with what we have heard so far. The instrumentals here carry more of a rock influence that I am totally digging. The electric guitars is just so electrifying and the drums just give the sequence that oomph it needs. The brass also returns, reminding us and adding that sophistication I touched on above into this sequence. Overall, VENI VIDI VICI explores a different side of CRAVITY, and I am satisfied with the choice of song as a follow-up to Gas Pedal‘s promotions.

The music video for VENI VIDI VICI is more so a performance video. There were a few close ups, and I like how the producers made sure that Julius Caesar’s words were reflected in the music video (for those who don’t know, VENI VIDI VICI is Latin for I Came, I Saw, I Conquered – famous words from Julius Caesar). At the start, we saw a door, the sword in stone, a painting and one of the members holding and placing a crown on their head. These correspond to each of the three parts of the famous line. I Came (arrival at the door), I Saw (looking at the painting and the sword in stone – i.e. attractions), I Conquered (the crown). Regarding visuals, I didn’t like the video’s hazy look, as that dulled the video for me. However, I did like the lighting and I think the choreography was shown off well.

It is a good routine overall. I did like how the moves were drawn out to compliment the vocal deliveries. The most memorable aspect of the performance has to be the dance break. I did wish they went harder with the dance moves there, as I think it would have been more suitable for such a sequence given the music.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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