Also making his comeback yesterday is WOODZ, with his new single WAITING. The new single is featured on his third mini-album, Only Lovers Left, which was also released yesterday. This comeback follows his comeback, Feel Like, from March of this year.

WAITING is rock-influenced pop track that really pulls you in. Since it has been a few days since the song was released, I have had many opportunities to listen to WAITING. And each time, it has been a likeable experience. The instrumentation was good, but not as epic as it could have been. While the rock influences were really good, I feel that the song’s arrangement could have taken more of a rock sound (you know, full on band instrumentation, electrifying electric guitars etc.), rather than just a rock influence. This would have taken WAITING to the next level for me. But the background aside, everything else was great! The vocals are a constantly solid element throughout. Time and time again, I have enjoyed WOODZ’s vocals, as the soloist just knows how to captivate. In WAITING, WOODZ puts a lot of his own style into the delivery of the lyrics, which instantly gives the song a lot of character and individuality. This definitely helps takes the song to the next level as it avoids any doubt of the song being generic or plain, especially if the instrumentation might come off that way. I also find this vocals to be sleek throughout this track, which really helps balance out the song. I think WAITING needs a bit more rapping in it. I feel the energy of a profound rap sequence would slide in very nicely into this song and fit the overall dynamic. We do get a brief few seconds of rapping in the second verse, but more (and something energising) would make it even better. Overall, WAITING is solid release from WOODZ.

I really like the dark and eerie atmosphere of this music video. Like the song, this makes the music video quite captivating for me. For the storyline in this music video, I think it is clear that there are two versions of WOODZ, both of whom are addicted to his lover (the girl we see at the door). There are a few theories floating about, though I want to suggest a different one that I don’t think I have seen yet. The first version of WOODZ (dressed in white) is the version that is driven insane by his lover. He is haunted by her presence, but cannot stop thinking about her. It drives him to the point where he would even contemplate taking his own life. The second version of WOODZ (dressed in black) is addicted to her, follows her and is obsessed to the point where he would take creepy pictures of her. Either versions end up dead. The first version is killed at the end of the video (the gun shot scared me!) by the girl, whom is waiting off screen. We see the second version lying down in the hallway mid-way in the video, with the female character walking away. I assume that she also approached the door in a similar fashion to the ending, but with this version of WOODZ, he was willing to open the door straight away due to his obsession, while the first version was more hesitant about it. A sad ending either way. What I really need to commend WOODZ on throughout this video is his acting. Nothing felt exaggerated or over the top, especially all those ‘going insane’ scenes, which actors tend to overdo. Again, it was all captivating and amazing to watch.

The performance is the least captivating part of this comeback. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. WOODZ doesn’t really participate in the choreography, so he can focus on the live aspect of his performance. He kind does his own during the first chorus, follows the dancers moves in a manner that enables him to continue to sing live and have the dancers mould around him for the rest of the performance.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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