[Weekly KPOP Chart] 2nd Week of October 2021

Another week has passed and it is time to look back on it through the Weekly KPOP Chart. It has been a slightly busy week for me personally, though I have managed to push out a post each day (self pat on my back). Looking into the week ahead, it looks like it is going to be a busy week with seven comebacks from artists that I usually review. And per usual, I have a long list of other releases that I haven’t covered yet. Lots to do!

New song releases of the week

I have already reviewed ENHYPEN’s Tamed-Dashed and LIGHTSUM’s VIVACE, but we also saw a solo release by Donghae (from Super Junior) featuring Jeno (from NCT); a collaboration between Raiden, Taeil (from NCT) and LILBOI; and the comebacks of BLACKSWAN and TRI.BE (all of which I have yet to review).

Throwback Corner

Not too much of a throwback (and I actually have put this song down in this corner many weeks back), but NCT Dream’s Hello Future is this week’s ‘throwback’ song. I kept on listening to the song’s five member version, which the group (without Mark and Haechan) has been performing at festivals recently. The five member version is super good and deserves some attention, since the remaining five members (Jaemin, Renjun, Jeno, Chenle & Jisung) do an awesome job of covering for the missing members!

Non-Korean Release of the Week

Hint: this week’s non-Korean release was one of the songs reviewed in this week’s International Song Review post. Bonnie and Clyde, Yuqi’s (from (G)I-DLE) solo debut single, is this week’s feature song in this corner!

The Chart

Congratulations to Golden Child, who has topped this week’s Weekly KPOP Chart for the 2nd Week of October 2021, with their new release, DDARA! For more of the charts, continue scrolling down below!

2nd Week of October 202110th Oct – 16th Oct 2021
1DDARAGolden Child(▲ 9)
2The ViewStray Kids(▲ 14)
3Vibin’Youngjae (GOT7)(▼ 2)
4ThunderousStray Kids(▲ 8)
6CHEESEStray Kids(▲ 12)
7BAD LOVEKey (SHINee)(▲ 12)
8Eternal SunshineATEEZ(▼ 2)
9DizzyW.A.O(▲ 55)
10Surfin’Lee Know, Changbin, Felix (Stray Kids)(▲ 28)
11StickerNCT 127(▲ 40)
12ZombiePURPLE KISS(▲ 17)
14Hate That…Key (SHINee) ft. Taeyeon (SNSD)(▲ 50)
15Be My Lover?Kim Jong Kook & ATEEZ(▲ 49) (FINAL WEEK)
16Santa MonicaNIK(▲ 48)
18Singing In The RainJoochan & Bomin (Golden Child)(▼ 5)
19Gone AwayHan Jisung, Seungmin, I.N (Stray Kids)(▲ 45)
20Red LightsBangchan & Hyunjin (Stray Kids)(▲44)
21My UniverseColdplay & BTS(▲ 7)
22Take OverDo Hanse (VICTON)(▲ 42)
23SwipeITZY(▲ 17)
24Starry NightWEi(▲ 17)
25ChangerA.C.E(▲ 1)
26DoorKwon Eunbi(▲ 38)
28Savageaespa(▼ 24)
29GLASSYJo Yuri(▲ 14)
30SoberN.Flying(▲ 38)

Songs leaving the charts this week

After nine weeks, the following songs are leaving the charts and will not appear in the upcoming week’s Weekly KPOP Charts:

  • Be My Lover? – Kim Jong Kook & ATEEZ
  • Queendom – Red Velvet
  • VACCINE – Woo Taewoon & IONE ft. Yoon Bomi (APINK)
  • Wave – CIX
  • Cerberus – Yuto, Kino & Wooseok (Pentagon)
  • Gas Pedal – CRAVITY
  • irrelevant answer – LUCY
  • A Little Space – Pentonix ft. Yunho, San, Jongho (ATEEZ)

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